High Kings and Clans of the Fianna


Here, is a few genealogy tables of the Fenian Cycle. There is a family tree of Conn Cétchathach and Cormac Mac Airt, two high kings of Ireland. There are also several family trees of the Fianna. One tree has Finn Mac Cumhaill, along with that of the hero Diarmait ua Duibne in Clan Baiscne of the Fianna. There are two different versions of Clan Morna.

House of Conn and Cormac Mac Airt     
Clan Baíscne
Clan Morna (2 versions)
House of Munster     

House of Conn and Cormac Mac Airt


You would probably notice that in this family tree that there are two "Eithne Tháebfhotas". This is not a mistake. According to most tales, Eithne Tháebfhota was the daughter of Cathair Mór, first wife of the high king Conn Cétchathach, and mother of Art and Connla. In Echtrae Airt meic Cuinn (The Adventure of Art Son of Conn) Eithne had died, so Conn had married Bé Chuma, a Danann woman. (See Art Mac Cuinn)

But in Esnada Tige Buche (The Melodies of Buchet's House), Cormac Mac Airt slept with Eithne Tháebfhota, the foster daughter of Buchet, and became the mother of Cairbre Lifechair. While in Echtrae Cormaic (The Adventure of Cormac), she was wife of Cormac Mac Airt and the mother of Cairbre Lifechair and Ailbe.

Clan Baíscne


Clan Morna


Please note that are two versions of Clan Morna. The first family tree showed that Goll and his brothers were the son of Garad Mac Morna, and the grandsons of Morna. I had used various sources to gain this family tree.


Please note that I had drawn the second version of the genealogy of Clan Morna from the source titled Acallam na Senórach ("Colloquy of the Ancients").

The difference between this family tree and the first version, is that Goll, Garad Glúndubh and their other brothers were all the sons of Morna.

House of Munster


Since Eogan Mor and his descendants are contemporary to the period Conn Cetchathach and Cormac Mac Airt, it is appropriate to display their genealogy here.

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