The following family trees show both the ancestors and descendants of Míl, founder and eponym of the Milesian, the true Gaelic people of Ireland. The Milesians were the fifth and last Celtic people to invade and settle in Ireland.

The family trees were extracted from the fifth volume of Lebor Gabálá Erenn: The Taking of Ireland (translated and edited by R. A. Stewart Macalister).

  House of Míl
  Milesian Kingship

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Before the time of the sons of Mil arriving in Ireland, much of their ancestors of Míl were mixed with biblical accounts. According to the Irish myth, Míl was descendant of Japheth, the son of Noah, the hero of the biblical flood.

Fenius Farsaid was grandson of Magog, son of Japheth, living at the time of Tower of Babel, while Niul, his son, and Goidel Glas, his grandson were contemporary of Abraham and Moses.

House of Míl

Milesian Kingship

The family tree showed a list of kings, who were descendants from Míl, from two main lines, Eremon and Eber Finn, who were sons of Míl. The enmity between Eremon and Eber Finn continued generations long after their death.

It should be notice that the Faildergolt, the last generation on Eber's line, was contemporary with Ollam Fodla. For the house of Ollom, see the genealogy of the Early House of Ulster (Ulster Cycle). Ollom was descendant of Ir, another son of Míl.

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