Houses of Dôn and Llyr

The family tree below display two important families in the Welsh mythology: the Children of Llyr and the Children of Don. There were conflicts in the two houses during the reign of Math in the north and Pryderi in the south of Wales.

The House of Llyr were represented by Bran and Manawyddan, and they were allied with Pwyll and his son Pryderi, the lords of Dyved, a kingdom in southern Wales. Bran was king of the whole of Britain. Manawyddan married Pwyll's widow Rhiannon.

The family in the House of Don have a kingdom in northern Welsh kingdom, called Gwynedd. They were ruled by Don's brother of Math. The tale about this northen family was mostly about Don's children and her grandson Lleu. Don's own daughter Penarddun was married to Llyr, and mother to Bran, Branwen and Manawyddan.

The tales about these families are told in the first four tales of the Mabinogion, which was often called the Four Branches of the Mabinogi. See the Mabinogion to read the four tales.

Family of Ceridwen and Taliesin

Note that Gwyon Bach was not a husband or lover of Ceridwen; he was a servant, who accidentally tasted the magic potion from the Well of Inspiration (or of Wisdom). The angry goddess swallowed Gwyon Bach, but Ceridwen fell pregnant with Taliesin.

Elffin or Elphin was Taliesin's foster-father.

See the Mabinogion for the full tale of Taliesin.

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