Aeolids 1 (Thessaly & Messenia)

The Aeolids or the descendants of Aeolus, ruled many different kingdoms throughout Greece. Aeolus, the king of Phthia, in Thessaly, had many children. Some of his sons founded their own kingdoms, while other gained their own kingdoms through marriage to the daughters of the king.

Since the Aeolids are so widely dispersed, I have decided to display them in separate family tree for each important line, depending on the geographic location of their kingdoms.

Since Aeolus was the son of Hellen and grandson of Deucalion, the surivor of the Deluge (Flood), the first family tree displayed all the children of Deucalion, Hellen and Aeolus.

All descendants of Deucalion, including the Aeolids, were known as the Deucalionids. His descendants became eponym of many races, as it can be seen in the table below.

Eponym Name Father
Hellenes Hellen Deucalion (with Pyrrha)
Aeolians Aeolus Hellen (with Orseïs)
Dorians Dorus Hellen (with Orseïs)
Greeks Graecus Zeus (and Pandora II)
Ionians Ion Apollo or Xuthus (with Creusa)
Achaeans Achaeüs Xuthus (with Creusa)
Macedonians Macedon Zeus (with Thyia)
Thessalians Thessalus Jason (with Medea) or Acastus

Below is only the family trees, of mainly from kingdoms in Thessaly, and some in Messenia. However, there are many kingdoms in Thessaly, ruled by the Aeolids, such as that of Phthia, Iolcus, Pheres and Phylace.

  Descendants of Deucalion (Deucalionids)
  Houses of Thessaly and Messenia (Aeolids)

There are many genealogy of the Aeolids, found in different pages in Timeless Myths.

Descendants of Deucalion (Deucalionids):

I have not shown the descendants of Aeolids in great detail here, except for the descendants of Canace. Canace was the daughter of Aeolus.

Houses of Thessaly and Messenia (Aeolids):

This family tree show the complete family tree of those who ruled in Iolcus from Thessaly and Pylos in Messenia; both lines were descendants of Tyro, granddaughter of Aeolus. This genealogy also showed the descendants of Cretheus, Salmoneus and Deïon, the three sons of Aeolus. Because of the problem with space the line of Deïon is not completed. Cephalus, Deïon's son, for example was the ancestor of Odysseus.

It should be noted that Jason has two sons, by Hypsipyle, queen of Lemnos.

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Descendants of Deucalion (Deucalionids)  |  Houses of Thessaly and Messenia (Aeolids)

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