What’s New?


What’s New is where you will important announcement, updates and new pages or articles involving Timeless Myths. I have ordered it so that the latest is at the top.

December 1999

26/12/99 Change the Timeless Myths banners, made it smaller in size and less frames to download.

Expanded information on Minos (found in Islands (Crete) within the Geographia section), to include the story of Daedalus and Icarius (due to popular demand), as well as lesser known story of the seer Polyeidus and Glaucus.

Added a couple of new images one, both on Aphrodite (one found in the Olympians, the other in the House of Troy).

25/12/99 Merry Christmas!!!

There nothing new today in Timeless Myths. I’m just sending you Christmas cheers.

10/12/99 Add the story of Midas, the king with the golden touch, in Asia Minor (Geographica).


November 1999

25/11/99 The following had been added to Celtic Mythology:

The Fenian Cycle to the Celtic Cycles.

The Fianna to the Warrior Society.

The pages called High Kings and Minor Characters has been updated in the Warrior Society.

16/11/99 Changes were made to genealogical trees of the Argolis, the Aeolids, Lapiths, and Sparta.

Added a BeSeen’s Search Engine, in each page that contain menu. This allowed readers to find a particular character or story within Timeless Myths.

14/11/99 Due to the increasing demand by some people who have been working on their assignments this year, on the Greek tragedy, Medea (by Sophocles), I have decided to place Medea, in the Heroic Age. Medea can be found in Heroes I. (So click on Heroes I button). Although, its too late for those who already done their assignments in 1999, I quite sure there will be some more demand for it in the year 2000.
11/11/99 Fixed a number of broken links found in Greek and Norse myths.

Updated the Royal House.

08/11/99 Updated the Introduction and added About Greek Myths.

What’s New?

The “Red Branch“, “High Kings” and the “Minor Characters” can be found in Warrior Society section.

The “Ulaid Cycle” can be found under Celtic Cycles section.

03/11/99 Celtic Mythology is now up. Most of it are still under construction.

Gallic Deities and the Tuatha Dé Danann can be found in the Otherworld section. (Tuatha Dé Danann can also be found in Warrior Society section.)

Book of Invasions can be found under Celtic Cycles section.


October 1999

21/10/99 Add an index under Minor Greek Deities in the Pantheon section. This is done for people who had been having problems finding specific god or goddess.
20/10/99 A couple of new images placed in the Greek myths section. New images for the section on Norse myths.


September 1999

28/09/99 Expanded the story of the Aeneid in Heroes II (Heroic Age)

Some info on the Pantheon, Heroic Age, Royal Houses, concerning navigation within these menu.

21/09/99 Mostly correction and little update on the Greek and Norse sections.
02/09/99 Expanded Norse Heroes to include Wayland the Smith.


August 1999

28/08/99 Decided to leave out Germanic Deities in the Asgard section (or at least till next year).

Getting started on Celtic Mythology.

27/08/99 Giants & Monsters was added under Asgard section.

Norse Heroes and Norse Minor Character were added in the Valhalla section

10/08/99 Added Völsunga Saga to Norse Mythology, under the section Norse Sagas.
08/08/99 Created a new section called Geographia found in the Greek Mythology’s main menu. Added information about regions and cities of ancient Greece.

Added a few images (paintings and sculpture) to Greek mythology section (more for looks if nothing else).

New!!!    Facts and Figures. List the heroes of the Argonauts, War of the Lapiths and Centaurs, Seven Against Thebes, and the Trojan War.


July 1999

28/07/99 Genealogy of the Greek deities and some famous Greek families has been added.
23/07/99 I’ve put up Norse Mythology.

Most of it still under construction.

At the moment the following Norse myths are up and running:

Norse Creation and Ragnarök under Norse Sagas section.

Aesir and Vanir are found under Asgard section.

15/07/99 Additional correction and modification for all articles.
05/07/99 Expanded the articles on Dionysus in the Olympians page; and Cronus, Uranus and Rhea under Titans.


June 1999

22/06/99 Some more major correction and expansion of various articles.
18/06/99 The aftermath of Fall of Troy was added to Trojan War.

The story of Io was included in Heroes I, and the House of Thebes was expanded to include the story of Europa.

16/06/99 Just completed my mid-year exam. What a relief!!!
04/06/99 Major editing and correction were done for the entire web pages.


May 1999

31/05/99 The Creation was added to the Pantheon.
25/05/99 Article on Helen of Troy was added in House of Troy.

Separate article on Melampus was added to Heroes I

22/05/99 Completed Argonauts & Theseus were added to Heroic Age.
17/05/99 Odyssey was added to Heroic Age. Added some more stuff on Odysseus (Heroes II)
11/05/99 Completed in Calydonian Boar Hunt under Atalanta (Heroes I).
10/05/99 House of Troy was added to Royal Houses.

Also expanded the articles on Achilles and Odysseus in Heroes II.

06/05/99 House of Thebes was added to Royal House.

Seven Against Thebes was added to Heroic Age.


April 1999

30/04/99 The Pelopids was included into Houses of Argolis.

Completed Heroes I and Heracles

27/04/99 Aeolids was added to Royal Houses.
24/04/99 Minor Greek deities was added to the Pantheon.

Heroes II was added to the Heroic Age.

Houses of Argolis was added to the Royal Houses.

19/04/99 Olympians and the Titans were added to the Pantheon.

Trojan War was added to Heroic Age.

09/04/99 Created Timeless Myths.

Divided Greek Mythology into three main sections: Pantheon, Heroic Age, and Royal Houses.

Completed Perseus and only partial completion of Heroes I and Heracles were added to Heroic Age.

02/04/99 Joined XOOM and created Bladesmaster’s Home Page (now called the World of Bladesmaster, in http://members.xoom.com/bladesmaster/).