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What’s New is where you will important announcement, updates and new pages or articles involving Timeless Myths. I have ordered it so that the latest is at the top.

November 2000

06/11/00 This is probably the last update, for this year. No additional articles will be added at least until after Christmas. I am pretty busy doing a business training course on Small Business Management. Because of the long weekend the Melbourne Cup (holiday), I have decided to put at least few more addition and changes.

However, I will still answer your e-mails.

There is an update in Other Knights in the Round Table.

I have a small article on Nott (Night) in the Non-Aesir Deities and Brisings in the Minor Norse Characters (Norse).

Fixed a few minor problems with links in Norse myths.

A few images scanned and donated by Xaryan. These include Athena, Poseidon, Freyja; Odin at Volsung’s hall, and a statue of an old centaur.

Other pictures scanned by me Atlas, The Oath of the Horatii, Lancelot and Guinevere’s First Kiss.

A correction is made to the old picture of Freyja by Arthur Rackham. In fact, this picture was suppose to be Idun, Keeper of the Apples of Youth. This picture has been moved to article on Idun. In the article of Freyja, I had replaced the old picture with Freyja in a chariot.


October 2000

24/10/00 Added Philoctetes, Neoptolemus, Helenus, Andromache, Cassandra to Heroes II (Greek Myths).

Added Aristaeüs to the Minor Greek Deities, and Cyrene to Geographia, Asia and Africa.

Placed sources to the Related Information to some of the articles in Greek myths.

Added a image of Olwen, in one of the tales of the Mabinogion. Thank you, Xaryan, the girl with the handy scanner.

10/10/00 Added the Teutonic Deities and the Search for Wisdom in the Norse Myths.

Added a new article about the Wooing of Gerd in the page called Of Thor and Giants.

Made a few updates in all the pages within the Norse Myths section.

Added a couple more articles about Norse gods in the Aesir, and redesign the structure to the Aesir.

Added a few articles on Gerd, Suttung and Gunnlod in Giants.

Added a few more articles in Roman Deities.


September 2000

27/09/00 The Bibliography can be found in the link at the bottom of each page, as well as in the Bibliography.
23/09/00 Added Geirrod to Of Thor and Giants.

Added two new articles to Giants: Geirrod and Grid.

A couple British deities were added to Welsh and British Deities.

15/09/00 Added an article Knight with Two Swords in the Legend of Excalibur.

Update on Merlin (again) and some other Arthurian articles.

13/09/00 Added a few gods in the Minor Greek Deities

Revised the Birth of the Republic in the Tales of Rome.

10/09/00 Added two new pages for Greek Myths: Roman Deities and the Tales of Rome (including a revised version of the Aeneid).

Move the story of Cupid and Psyche from Minor Greek Deities page to Roman Deities.

Added a new page for Norse Myths called Of Thor and the Giants, with six new tales about Thor, Loki and the Giants.

Complete revision of Ragnarök: adding two new articles Monster Bound and the Death of Balder

Updated and added new articles in the Aesir, Vanir and the Giants in the Asgard (North Myths).

Complete revision of Lancelot du Lac (Vulgate Cycle): restructuring and adding some new episodes (articles).

Updated the the FAQ page.


August 2000

05/08/00 Added the medieval romance of Tristan and Isolde found in Tales of the Knights (Arthurian).

Added two articles in the Life of King Arthur: The Quest of the White Hart and the Death of Merlin.

Added three new articles in Lancelot du Lake.

Updated the Other Grail Stories in the Perceval’s Tradition.

Updated the section on Guinevere, Morgan le Fay and the Lady of the Lake, in the Arthurian Women. Also updated Gawain and Pellinor in the Round Table and updated article on Merlin, King Ban and King Bors in Minor Characters.

Added Galehaut to Minor Characters; Palemedes and Dinadan to the Round Table.

Please note that I had remove the two Lady of the Lake (Vivien and Nimue) and replace it with Niniane. They are all one and the same person, but different names were given by different authors.


June 2000

27/06/00 Revised and expanded the island of Thera, with some detail on the Atlantis.

Minor revisions on the Arthurian Legends, mostly correcting spelling and grammar errors.

22/06/00 Added the Tales of Lovers to the Heroic Age (Greek myths).
07/06/00 Added Facts and Figures for Heracles.

Added a new articles to the Mythical Creatures (Heroic Age): Charon.

Fix up the Search Engines.

01/06/00 Added a new page on Mythical Creatures to Heroic Age, for the Greek Mythology.

Added Pan, Iris and Tyche to the Minor Deities in the Pantheon (Greek).

Some minor changes to Heracles (Greek).

Added and updated some articles in the Aesir, Vanir and, Giant and Monsters, in the Asgard (Norse).


May 2000

19/05/00 Added British deities to the British and Welsh Deities from the Otherworld.

Revised the Chretien’s Conte du Graal in the Grail Legend.

General revision and update of the Grail Legend and the Round Table.

13/05/00 Added the British and Welsh Deities in the Otherworld (Celtic).

Added the Mabinogion to Celtic Cycles. This include the stories of “Pwyll”, “Branwen”, “Manawydan”, “Math”, and “Culhwch and Olwen”.

Completely revised and expanded the Iliad in the Trojan War from the Heroic Age (Greek).

Updated the Introduction of Timeless Myths.

01/05/00 Added one, new stories, called Erec and Enide, in the Tales of the Knights (Arthurian Legends).

Added the articles on Erec in the Round Table and Enide in the Arthurian Women in the Camelot section.

Updated the menu page of Otherworld and added a new page called Celtic World & Cultures, where you will find the Celtic calendar and more information about the Celtic Otherworld.


April 2000


Important Announcement

Timeless Myths has been moved to a new location in XOOM (different directory). The new URL is now available:



The current URL:


will no longer be available at the end of this month.

I like to apologised for any inconvenient.

15/04/00 Revised and updated the Houses of Argolis anf the Aeolids, see Royal Houses.
12/04/00 Add the two stories, the Fair Unknown and Gawain and the Green Knight, in the Tales of the Knights (Arthurian Legends).

Updated (expanded) the Malory’s version on the Death of King Arthur.

Updated (expanded) how Arthur received the Excalibur from the Lady of the Lake.

Updated (expanded) the Origin of the Round Table.

Updated all the META information in the Arthurian Legends.

02/04/00 YIPEE!!!

Timeless Myths has made it through to its first anniversary. Yes, it has being one year.

The Arthurian Legends is now available.

The following tales are now available in the Age of Chivalry:

The Life of King Arthur
The Vulgate Cycle
Quest of the Holy Grail.


Information about Arthurian characters can be found in Camelot.

After all that reading, I’ve finally got something up on Arthur!

There are more tales to come, so please be patient.

01/04/00 Added the page Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Timeless Myths.

I have also updated the Related Sites, by adding a listing of newsgroups relating to myths and legend.


January 2000


No. That doesn’t sound right.


No. That doesn’t sound right, either.

Oh well.


I hope you have gotten over your hang-over.

I am happy to say that my machine didn’t play up because of the Y2K bugs. Everything seemed to be working OK.


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