What’s New?


What’s New is where you will important announcement, updates and new pages or articles involving Timeless Myths. I have ordered it so that the latest is at the top.

December 2001

16/12/01 Added a new article in the Merlin page, called the Son of the Devil? This contained the story of his mother and his birth.

Added a new tale on Thomas Malory’s Sir Gareth, the brother of Gawain. This tale can be found in the Tales of the Knights. I dedicate this tale to Xaryan.

Posted a couple of pics for tale of Sir Gareth (scanned by Xaryan).

Created new page for Sir Gawain. I had also moved the story of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight to Gawain’s page.

Added a new family tree of the House of Arthur and Culhwch. This is different from the Arthurian genealogy, because the names were gained from the Welsh sources, such as from the tales of the Mabinogion. So if you are reading about Culhwch and Olwen or other Welsh stories, then this family tree is suitable for the Welsh legend.

There’s a new page on Copyright Notices. If you have any more enquiry, please contact me.


November 2001

16/11/01 Updated the genealogy tree in the Houses of King Pellinor and Perceval.

Added a new tree to the House of Perceval, using the source from Perlesvaus.

08/11/01 Added Perceval’s Sister to the Arthurian Women page.


October 2001

30/10/01 There has been problem for over a week now, with the disruption of the server. I think I have solve the problem. Again I would like to apologise for the inconvenience.


Separate the the early and alternative accounts of the life of King Arthur:

Add three new articles/adventures to the Lancelot page: Argodras the Red, the Hill of the Spring and Tericam (Tarquin).

Updated articles in the Life of King Arthur, Legend of Excalibur and Lancelot pages.

I have also expanded and revised the tale of Merlin the Mad (Wild Man of the Wood in the Merlin page).

Added a new background article in Vulgate Cycle, called Le Morte d’Arthur.

New images (sent by Xaryan) for the Arthurian Legends, of Arthur, Merlin, Tristan and other knights of the Round Table.

17/10/01 Apology for the disruption of services during the weekend (13/10/01 to 17/10/01). The server has just come online today.


Added a new article on Mimir in the Minor Norse Characters.

Revised the article on Regin in Minor Norse Characters, to include the version from the Thiðreks Saga.

Revised the articles Hjordis and Wayland in German Heroes, to include the version from the Thiðreks Saga.

Updated the story of Waltharius, to include the version from the Thiðreks Saga, in the Dietrich Legend page.

Separate the episode of Penthesileia from the Death of Achilles in the Trojan War page.


September 2001

29/09/01 Moved the article on Merlin from Minor Arthurian Characters to a new page called Merlin.

Update all links in regard of moving Merlin.

26/09/01 Added The Solar System to Astronomy (Facts and Figures). As well made a few corrections to the links in various pages of the Classical Mythology in relation to the new addition.
16/09/01 Added some more constellations to the Fact and Figures: The Astronomy. Modified most of the constellations in this page as well.

Completely revised and updated the tale of Callisto in the Wrath of Heaven.

Added a brief tale of Thamyris in the Wrath of Heaven.

Modified the article on Nemesis in the Minor Deities.

Added the tale of Ocyrrhoe in the Mythical Creatures.


August 2001

27/08/01 Article on Autolycus in Heroes I (including Chione and Daedelion, Autolycus’ mother and grandfather).

Article on Carthage in Geographia’s Asia and Africa.

15/08/01 Small modification to Guinevere in the Arthurian Women.

Added a few more constellations to Facts and Figures on Astronomy.

Added a few new objects (Celtic) in Fact and Figures on Enchanted Objects.


July 2001

28/07/01 Added a new page called the Cycle of the Ring. This basically background information on the Nibelungen legend (eg. Volsunga Saga, Nibelungenlied, etc). I have moved some articles from the Volsunga Saga and the Nibelungenlied to this new page. I also moved their buttons (links) from the Norse Sagas to the Ring Cycle page.

Modified the following pages: Norse Sagas, Volsunga Saga and the Nibelungenlied, because of the new page (Cycle of the Ring).

Added a new article on Hjordis (Sieglind) in the Valkyries.

Add the tale of Kudrun (or Gudrun).

Added new article to Dietrich Legend, titled Dietrich’s Adventures. This is only a summary of works that belonged to the Dietrich Legend. (May change this title later. I will definitely expanded these tales when I have time.)

A new Facts and Figures, called Astronomy, which is mostly a myth about the stars and constellations. See also Facts and Figures.

Added a new article, titled Coronis to the Wrath of Heaven.

Added an article Maera in Mythical Creatures.

Expanded the article on Deïaneira in the Heracles’ page.

Updated the Bibliography for the Norse myths.

A few new pics for the classical myths, from Xaryan.

12/07/01 Added information about the Roman alphabets and a small addition to the end of the Roman Calendar, in the All Things Roman page (Facts and Figures).
8/07/01 Added an article and a table on the Ogham alphabets in Celtic World and Cultures.
01/07/01 Timeless Myths has moved to a new home, due to NBCi restructuring to their services, where NBCi will cease to operate their web-site hosting services, on July 15 2001.

I have been having trouble finding a suitable free web-site hosting server, that offer more than 40MB of webspace and full FTP access, so that I was forced to host Timeless Myths on my own server.

I would like to apologise for any inconvenience it may have cause you.


Due to the move, I have to spent a couple of hours, making small changes to all of the pages in Timeless Myths.

The home page of the World of Bladesmaster no longer exist. (The poor lost soul, though Bladesmaster is still around somewhere.)

I have removed the frames from the interface.


June 2001

30/06/01 Added a new tale in the Fenian Cycle, called Hostel of the Quicken Trees.

Added a new page – Facts and Figures: The Greek World. (This can also be found in the Facts and Figures page.)

Added another new page – Fact and Figures: The Norse Way, in which I have included the Runic Alphabets.

19/06/01 New images scanned by Xaryan, for the Norse Myths section.
14/06/01 Added a new ariticle to the Fabulous Voyages called Voyage of Bran.

Updated the Bibliography to Classical Norse and Celtic myths.

13/06/01 Added a new page for the Celtic Cycle section, called the Fabulous Voyages, with an Irish tale about the Voyage of Mael Duin, and a Welsh (Arthurian) legend about the Spoils of Annwfn.

Added a new page for the Norse Sagas section, called Dietrich Legend and Other Germanic Tales, containing several legends of Dietrich and other related characters, and one Anglo-Saxon poem, titled Beowulf.

Add three new articles in Norse Heroes: Beowulf, Hrothgar and Wiglaf.

Added one new article on Ermanaric in the German Heroes page.

Added a new article on Grendel in the Monsters page.

Updated Gorgons in Mythical Creatures (Classical).

Updated the tale about Minos and Daedalus in the Geographia, Islands.

Added some images for the Celtic myths, scanned by Xaryan.


May 2001

26/05/01 Added a new page on genealogy, called the House of Cornwall; there are family trees of King Mark, Tristan and Isolde.
23/05/01 Added two new articles in Roman Deities: Juturna and Fontus.

Added a few new Etruscan gods to the list in the Etruscan Deities.

Added one new article in Heroes 2: Turnus.

Added some more Roman festivals in All Things Roman.

Added one new image of Cybele.

18/05/01 Added the British god Maponus.

Added the Welsh deities: Mabon and his mother Modron.

16/05/01 Added a new page to the Facts and Figures for the Roman myths, called All Things Roman. It include information on Roman Calendar and Festivals.

Updated the menu for Royal Houses. There is now a blue button for House of Calydon.

12/05/01 Added the House of Elis and House of Calydon (see also the Aeolids).

Updated the family trees for the House of Elis and House of Calydon.

Added Ixion to the Wrath of Heaven.

04/05/01 Added a few new gods to the Gallic Deities.

Updated Coventina in the British Deities.

01/05/01 Moved the story of Erysichthon to the Wrath of Heaven page and updated the article on Demeter in Olympian page.

Add a little more images by Xaryan.


April 2001

29/04/01 Updated and expanded the Volsunga Saga.

Added a few new images, scanned by myself. (Finally got myself a scanner.)

27/04/01 I had added lots of new images to the Classical (Roman), Norse, and the Arthurian sections. All the images were scanned by Xaryan.
24/04/01 Mostly posted new images (scanned by Xaryan) for the Norse mythology section.

Updated the article on Merlin in Minor Arthurian Characters.

Updated the article on Guinevere in Arthurian Women.

Some general updates in Classical and Celtic pages.

18/04/01 Added the story of Marsyas to the Wrath of Heaven.

Moved the legend of King Midas from Geographia: Asia and Africa to the Wrath of Heaven.

Updated articles on Apollo and Athena in the Olympians.

Update and rewritten some part of Merlin in the Minor Arthurian Characters.

16/04/01 Added a new tale on Taliesin in the Mabinogion (Celtic). So I have changed the name of “Four Independent Tales” into Five Independent Tales of the Mabinogion.

I have also added two articles in Welsh Deities: Ceridwen and Pryderi.

13/04/01 Have a HAPPY and safe EASTER!

Divided the article on “Tantalus and Pelops” (in Houses of Argolis) into two: Tantalus and Pelops.

I had also divided “Andromeda” in Perseus, into two: Andromeda and Fate of Polydectes.

Added more images scanned by Xaryan for the Classical myths section.

08/04/01 Added a new article about the death of Semele (mother of Dionysus) in the Wrath of Heaven. (Small adjustment were made to Dionysus in the Olympians.)

Slight modification to the index to the Argonauts and the Odyssey pages.

Updated a couple of articles in the Argonauts.

Added more images scanned by Xaryan.

02/04/01 There’s nothing new, except that now, Timeless Myths has being operating for 2 full year, since April 2nd, 1999. There has being 37239 visitors (less than 3000 short of the 40000 visitors). See Timeless Myths’ home page for the counter.

Thank you to all new and loyal regular readers of Timeless Myths.

From Jimmy Joe


March 2001

24/03/01 Added Aegina and Aeacus into the Wrath of Heaven.

Some changes to the four bibliographies.

20/03/01 A new page called the Wrath of Heaven (see Pantheon, Classical Myths), containing the full myths of Demeter and Persephone, Pentheus, and the Folly of Niobe. Also myths on Teiresias, Callisto and Arachne. I will add more when I have time.

A couple of new articles in the Trojan War: Conscriptions and the Sacrifices at Aulis. I had also modify and add a few detail in other articles. Most of these changes are found in the section called the Origin of the War. This new addition contained several episodes, such as the feigned madness of Odysseus; Achilles at Scyrus; the wound of Telephus and the sacrifice of Iphigeneia at Aulis; the death of Palemedes and Tenes.

Added some new scenes in the Day of Battle in the Trojan War, such as the meeting of Hector and Andromache, and that of Diomedes an Glaucus.

10 new articles for the Gallic Deities. 2 for the British Deities and one for the Welsh Deities.

The BeSeen’s search engine had changed its names and addresses. The MySeacrch search engine is now called siteLevel. (Don’t ask me why they made the changes, because the search engine look exactly the same).

Some minor changes to the Introduction and Frequency Asked Questions.

11/03/01 Some more detail to the following stories:-
Narcissus and Echo in the Tales of Lovers (Classical);
Branwen in the Mabinogion (Welsh);The Otherworld menu has now has separate buttons for the British Deities and the Welsh Deities.
04/03/01 Changed the opening passages to the Norse and Celtic myths.
01/03/01 Expanded an article in Lancelot on the Painting on the Wall and the war between King Arthur and King Claudas in Gaul.

Added genealogy on the family trees of Arthur, Perceval and Lancelot. See Genealogy


February 2001

24/02/01 Added a new genealogy for the Norse Deities.
23/02/01 A little side note about the history of the Milesians at the end of the Book of Invasions.

Some small modification in the Irish Deities in Tuatha Dé Danann.

19/02/01 New images for Celtic myths, scanned by Xaryan.

Update to the a couple Arthurian pages: Vulgate Cycle and Grail Legend. Mainly, I put some buttons in these two pages. Some minor update to the article on background of the Holy Grail. This also contain a small Flash animation of the Grail and the Bleeding Lance.

13/02/01 Changed the name of Greek Mythology branch (or section). I had renamed it to Classical Mythology.

11/02/01 Created two alternative family trees for the Children of Danu (Tuatha Dé Danann).
08/02/01 Added some new articles in Tuatha Dé Danann: Credne, Luchta, Bodb Derg, Eriu and her sisters.

Some general update to many articles in the Celtic myths, particularly the Tuatha Dé Danann and the Children of Danu in the Book of Invasions.

Slight modification on the family of tree in Welsh Deities.

Update (more details) on the Labours of Heracles as well as some wonderful new pics on Heracles page from Xaryan.

Some more wonderful pics scanned by Xaryan. These are mainly for the Greek myths: the Tales of Lover and the Mythical Creatures pages. There’s a couple new images for the Odyssey.


January 2001

24/01/01 Change were made to the family tree of the Children of Danu.

Updated the page on Tuatha Dé Danann.

Added Plots and Characters Comparison for the Volsunga Saga and Nibelungenlied. See Characters Comparison in German Heroes, and Plots Comparison in Nibelungenlied.

20/01/01 Added genealogical trees to the Irish deities and the Welsh deities: Children of Danu, and the Houses of Don and Llyr.

General correction and modification to all pages.

No new images added.

14/01/01 Added a new page to Royal House, called House of Athens.

Related tales to the Athenian House, called Cephalus and Procris had been added to Tales of Lovers.

Changes to Aeolids, separating article on Creusa and Ion from the Hellen.

Posted more images scanned by Xaryan, some on Arthurian legend and others on Classical theme.

08/01/01 Added three tales in the Mabinogion (Celtic myths): The Dream of Maxen, Lludd and Llevelys, and the Dream of Rhonabwy.

Added an article called Alberich in Dwarves (Minor Norse Characters), and another article in the Nibelungenlied, titled Who were the Nibelungs?

Changed the link structure in the Volsunga Saga and the Nibelungenlied.

Some minor changes to the Norse Heroes and Minor Norse Characters.

Added some more images to the Greek/Roman deities scanned by Xargan, see Pantheon.

01/01/01 Well, another New Year has begun, so it is officially the start of the 21st century.

So, writing from Australia to all the readers around the world, I wished you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I hope your hangover, isn’t too bad, because MY HEAD is killing me. I don’t normally drink, so I don’t know what possess me to do so, last night. Typing even this little message, sound like a stampede or someone playing a drum on my head. ARRGGG!!!!

Yes, I am still alive and well. It’s been a long time since I posted anything. Sorry.

I have begun writing some Germanic myth for the section in Norse Mythology. There are two new pages –

German Heroes can be found in the Valhalla menu, while in the Norse Sagas menu, you will find the German epic, the Nibelungenlied. (The Nibelungenlied is another tale of the Nibelungen cycle, but notably different from the Volsunga Saga (a Norse version). The Nibelungenlied and the German Heroes goes together. I wasn’t going to do this page, but I had changed my mind.) Please let me know what you think of it.

I have also posted a dozen or more scanned images for the Greek/Roman myths (sorry, I’ve lost count). The majority of the new images were scanned by Xaryan, last month. So, you should thank her for all these wonderful images. I have only did a couple of new images, also from last month. Unfortunately, I have no images for the new page on the Nibelungenlied.

I have some more new images by Xaryan, but they won’t be posted until my next installment.

I have also updated the FAQs page.


See What’s New in 2000 for previous year’s events.