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What’s New is where you will important announcement, updates and new pages or articles involving Timeless Myths. I have ordered it so that the latest is at the top.

Important News!!!

Finally, I have bought myself a domain name for Timeless Myths. You will find Timeless Myths at this address – https://www.timelessmyths.com/.

This should make it easy for me to organise my website, should I change server in the future.

So remember to put a new BOOKMARK (for Netscape) or FAVORITE (for Internet Explorer) in the browser you use.

Also the 4 main branches of Timeless Myths has been moved to 4 separate directories.

I would like to apologise if it cause you any inconvenience.

Jimmy Joe

December 2002

21/12/02 This latest updates will be (most likely) the last for 2002. So I would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in 2003.


Added the Orphic Creation to the Creation page.

Moved the two separate sections (Ancient Deities and Titans) to two different pages.

Moved the articles on Demeter and Dionysus from Minor Greek Deities to the Olympians page.

Updated the following articles: Zeus, Persephone, Dionysus, Eros.

Moved Dione to the Titans page.

Updated the article on Orpheus and Eurydice in the Tales of Lovers.

Added Myrrha (Smyrna) in Wrath of Heaven and Adonis in the Tales of Lovers. (These two tales are actually related.)

Also added Cyparissus to the Tales of Lovers.

Added the myth of Melanippus and Comaetho (including Eurypylus) in the Wrath of Heaven.

Added two new articles on Campe and Empusae in Mythical Creatures.

Added the legend of Arion in Geographia, Corinth.

Added new images for the Classical section, from the Roman paintings and mosaics from Pompeii, scanned by Xaryan.


October 2002

06/10/02 Added a new page, title, Book of Heroes, which contained the collection of verses that I have written since 1999.


September 2002

29/09/02 Added a new page, titled House of Hades.
(This involved moving many articles from old pages to this new page. Updated all articles.)Added a new article titled Obscure Creation Myths, in the Creation page (Classical).Added a new genealogy page on Giants and Monsters.

Added two new articles to Mythical Creatures: Delphyne and Lamia.

22/09/02 Added a new page, titled Minoan Crete. This includes moving the articles on Europa and Minos to this new page.

Added two new versions about Jason and the Argonauts, written by the Boeotian poet Pindar and the Sicilian historian Diodorus Siculus.

Added Otrere and a different Hippolyte to the Amazons page.

Updated the following pages: House of Thebes, Seven Against Thebes, House of Atreus.

Added 4 new genealogy pages, as well as revising many existing genealogy. See the Appendix – Genealogy, to see each addition and update. (I had completely revised some genealogies, so that they are more readable. There are too many family trees to list here, so see the Genealogy page.)


August 2002

31/08/02 Added a new page, titled Nymphs. (Moved the Nymphs section (including the Oceanids and Nereids) in Mythical Creature to this new page.)

Created a new page called Heroines.

Moved Atalanta and Medea from Heroes I to Heroines.

Added two new articles, titled Cyrene and Antigone in the Heroines.

Updated Antigone in Seven Against Thebes page, to include Hyginus’ version about the tragedy.

Created a new section in House of Calydon, called the Calydonian Boar Hunt. (I had greatly expanded this myth that had already been told in the article of Atalanta.)

Updated the Last Adventure, in the Argonauts page, to include more detail about Euphemus and the clod of earth.

Added Ophion to the Titans page.

Updated the Early History of Argos, in the Houses of Argolis.

17/08/02 Added a new page, titled House of Sparta, which also included the tale of Hyacinthus.

Added a new article on Penelope in Heroes II.

Two new tales in the Tales of Lovers page – Hero and Leander and Hermaphroditus and Salmacis.

Add a new articles, titled Twelve Gods, in the Olympian page.

Expanded the myth of Hermes’ birth and included the myth of the break-up and reconcillation of Zeus and Hera in the Olympian page.

Add a few new articles in the page called Greek WorldGreek Calendar, Greek Festivals and Linear B. The other two articles are also updated, adding the Isthmian Games to Panhellenic Games (sorry, I’ve forgot to post this).

Revised the whole page of About Classical Mythology.

Added a new page, titled Of Dwarves and Elves, as well as moving all articles on Dwarves from Minor Norse Characters to this new page.

Added another new genealogy, titled Houses of the Northern Kingdoms, which listed names of Odin’s mortal sons and the kingdoms they ruled.

Updated the following articles in the Aesir page: Odin and Thor. (Check the Related Information boxes on the right of the article, for the additional names they have.)

Updated a few articles in Norse Creation.

Updated all articles in the Search for Wisdom page.

Added a new article on Norse Festivals in the Norse Way.

Updated the article on Ostara in Teutonic Deities.

Added two new tales titled The Rise of Sir Gawain and Diu Krône in the Sir Gawain page.

Added Perlesvaus to the Grail Legend.

Added a new article in Minor Arthurian Characters, titled Gorlois or Hoel (Duke of Tintagel).

Restructure of the Appendix page. The following sections within the appendix has been moved to new, separate pages, such as the Bibliography, Genealogy.


June 2002

10/06/02 Added a new tale to Armorican Connections, titled Lai of Lanval.

Updated the Origin of the Round Table.

Added a new article on Blasine (Elaine) in the Arthurian Women.

Updated the following articles in Arthurian Women: Guinevere, Igraine, Sisters of Arthur, Perceval’s Sister and Elaine (mother of Galahad).

Update the family tree of the House of Arthur, the Vulgate/Post Vulgate version.

Updated the article to the Runic Alphabets, as well as adding a couple of new charts. (See The Norse Way.)


May 2002

20/05/02 Timeless Myths has moved to a new location: https://www.timelessmyths.com/, so check out the Important News.

Two new tales in the Sir Gawain page: Three Damsels of the Fountain and Sir Gawain and Lady Ragnell.

One new tale about Joseph of Arimathea and the Origin of the Grail, in Grail Legend (Perceval’s Tradition).

A new page called the Armorican Connections. It has the legends of Lyonesse, City of Ys and Graelent.

Added four Breton characters to Minor Celtic Characters: Gradlon, Dahut, Guenole and Malgven.

One new article on Mac Lughach in the Fianna page, and an update on the hero Oscar.

A new genealogy page on the families of Fenian Cycle, titled High Kings and Clans of the Fianna.

A new family tree on Parzival in the Houses of the Grail Keeper and the Grail Hero.

Added four articles to the German Heroes: Helche, Herrat, Nuodung and Witege (Vidga).

Moved Wayland from Norse Heroes to the German Heroes page.

General revision of the following articles and pages in the Norse Mythology: Norse Heroes, Minor Norse Characters and German Heroes.

Updated the table in Who were the Nibelungs? in the Cycle of the Ring page.

Updated the Moments of Glories and Death of Hector in the Trojan War.

Modification of the What’s New page. Divided the pages into year.


March 2002

10/03/02 See the Important News above, in regarding to the server Timeless Myths being off-line (perhaps temporary or permenantly). The server may be closed down permanent.


February 2002

11/02/02 Change the interface of the articles in the Geographia section.


January 2002

31/01/02 Add a new tale – Pursuit of Diarmait and Grainne in the Fenian Cycle.

Added an article on Diorruing in the Fianna page and three new articles on Grainne and Art and Connla in Minor Celtic Characters.

Added 2 new articles in the Celtic World and Cultures: Wedded to the Land and Geis.

Revised the following articles in Celtic mythology:

05/01/02 Added a few more images about Tristan (scanned by Xaryan) in the Round Table and Tristan and Isolde pages.

I would like to wish to all the visitors of Timeless Myths –
A Happy and Peaceful New Year.

Blessings upon you, from Gods and Goddesses of Timeless Myths.

–   Bladesmaster


Added a new page called the Amazons in the Heroic Age section (classical).

Updated the following in regarding to the new Amazon page: Perseus, Theseus, Heracles, Heroes 2, Trojan War, Asia and Africa (Geographia), Islands (Geographia).


See What’s New in 2001 for last year’s events.