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What’s New is where you will important announcement, updates and new pages or articles involving Timeless Myths. I have ordered it so that the latest is at the top.

Important News!!!

Timeless Myths has moved to a new server, hosted by Free2Host, part of Free2Code. Timeless Myths has being off-line since just before Easter (2003). You will find Timeless Myths at https://www.timelessmyths.com/. Yes, I’ve also finally got my own domain name.

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December 2003

27/12/03 Added Disablót to the Norse Festivals.

Updated the Wild Hunt in the Norse Way.

21/12/03 Added Laestrygonians to Giants pages.

Expanded the article on Laestrygonians, in the Odyssey page.

Added a new page, titled Thidrekssaga for the Cycle of the Ring.

Updated the following pages due to the Thidrekssaga: German Heroes, Norse Heroes, Valkyries, Witches.

Updated the genealogy for the Thidrekssaga and House of Volsungs.


November 2003

16/11/03 Added Love and War Bound to Tales of Lovers.

Updated Argos and Sparta for Heraclids.

Correction to The Mistress (Potnia) in the Mother Goddesses page, concerning the Linear B information. (Thank you, Michael Franklin Lane, Linear B specialist from University of Sheffield).

Separate articles for the Foreign Mysteries (Cybele, Isis, Mithra).

Updated Greek Festivals (Aiora, Hyacinthia and Adonia) in the Greek World (Facts and Figures).

Correction also for Linear B in the Greek World. (Thank you, Michael F. Lane for his help).

Added new images to Roman Deities and Gallic Deities.


October 2003

31/10/03 Added a new page, the Perilous Graveyard.

Added a tale The Knight of the Sword to the Gawain’s page.

Add a new page for Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, moving this story from Sir Gawain page.

Updated Golden Fleece in Mythical Creature.

19/10/03 Moving Valhalla from the article Asgard in Norse Creation page, to a new separate article.

Updated Valhalla.

Added Thorbjörg líilvölva to the Witches page.

Updated a few articles in the Witches pages.

Added Eógan Mór, Eógan and Lugaid Mac Con to the High Kings page in the Rulers of Munster section.

Moved Art Óenfher to the High Kings page.

Updated Aine in Tuatha De Danann.

Added Domnu to the Tuatha De Danann page.

Added Mongan and Other Bards to the Bards page.

Added Ailill Aulomm and Lugaid Lága in the Minor Celtic Characters.

Added genealogy of the House of Munster to High Kings and Clans of the Fianna

Updated In Argos in the Seven Against Thebes.

Updated Dionysus in the Olympians. (Correction about Dionysus in Olympus. Thank you, Chris.)

Updated Hebe in the Minor Greek Deities.

Updated the genealogy of the House of Thestius.

05/10/03 Added Cupid and Psyche to the Tales of Lovers.

Updated Cupid.

Updated the family tree for the Roman Deities.

Added the Eagle to the Mythical Creatures.

Added Homes of Heracles in the Facts and Figures page.

02/10/03 Added Vafthrudnir: Contest of Wisdom in the Search for Wisdom.

Added Vafthrudnir and Jarnsaxa (Iarnsaxa) to the Giants page.


September 2003

28/09/03 Added a new page, titled Witches.

Updated Njord, Freyr and Freyja in the Vanir page.

Moved Svanhild (Swanhild) to the Valkyries page.

Updated Gudrun in the Valkyries page.

Updated Gudrun and the Fall of the Niflungs in the Volsunga Saga page.

Revised the genealogy of Volsungs and Niflungs.

22/09/03 Updated Thor in Aesir page.

Updated several articles at Of Thor and Giants.

12/09/03 Added an article on the creation according to Diodorus Siculus.

Updated Uranus in Ancient Deities.

Updated Hyperion and Theia in the Titans.

Updated Helius and Selene in Minor Greek Deities.

Updated Tantalus and Pelops in the House of Pelops.

Updated Oedipus in the House of Thebes, concerning about his father Laius.


August 2003

29/08/03 Updated Artemis in the Olympians.

Updated a number of genealogy in the Classical Mythology.

23/08/03 Added a new page, titled Heraclids.

Updated the following pages: Heracles, Houses of Argolis (Eurystheus and Orestes), Aeolids (Nestor), House of Sparta (Menelaus), to take into account of the new Heraclids page.

Added a new page, titled House of Pelops, and moving the following articles to this new pages: Tantalus, Pelops, House of Atreus.

Restructuring and updating articles in the Houses of Argolis.

Updated the genealogy for the House of Pelops.

Updated the map.

16/08/03 I have created a new website, called the World of the Storyteller. The new website is a personal website, where I share my thoughts and interests. I have moved my poems within Book of Heroes to this new page.

Separate pages for Giants and Monsters in the Norse Mythology.

Added a new page titled Valkyries. Moved Brynhild and Gudrun to this new pages.

Edit the following articles in Norse Mythology: Valhalla and the Valkyries, Helgi.

Added Adrasteia in Ancient Deities.

Updated the following articles in Classical mythology: Orphic Creation, Nyx, Erebus, Chronus, Protogonus (Phanes), Eros, Rhea, Demeter, Persephone, Zeus, Orpheus and Eurydice.

Updated the article on Apollo, from the Olympians page. (Thank you, Arizona from Free2Code.)

Also updated Second Generation Titans.

Updated the family tree of the Orphic Myths.

Separate pages for Druids and Bards in Celtic Mythology.


July 2003

22/07/03 Edited Hermes and Ares in the Olympian pages. (Thank you, Arizona from Free2Code.)
08/07/03 Updated the article on Athena, from the Olympians page. (Thank you, Arizona from Free2Code.)


June 2003

26/06/03 Added Iphigeneia to Heroines page and fixed the links relating to Iphigeneia.

Added Creon to the House of Thebes page.

22/06/03 Added a new page called Mother Goddesses, and had moved Cybele (from Minor Greek Deities), Demeter and Persephone (from Wrath of Heaven) and Britomartis (from Nymphs).

Added a new page, titled Heroines.

Added Electra to Heroines.

Move the following articles to the Heroines page: Io, Atalanta, Medea and Camilla (from Amazons); Penelope, Andromache and Cassandra (from Heroes II); and Helen (from Houses of Troy).

Updated Linear B in the Greek World (Facts and Figures).

Updated the Olympians page. (Thank you, Arizona from Free2Code.)

03/06/03 Finally I got the my new counter working. See below the temple of the homepage.


May 2003

28/05/03 Modified the interface of the main page of Timeless Myths. A new look.

Moving articles from Mythical Creatures to a new Giants page.

20/05/03 Added Melanippe to the Aeolids page.

Updated Morpheus in the House of Hades.

17/05/03 Updated Twelve Gods and Zeus in the Olympians page, with the help of Arizona from Free2Code server. (Also updated articles on Hera, Demeter, Athena and Apollo.)

Updated the Muses in Minor Deities.

Updated Thamyris in the Wrath of Heaven.

Added Melanippe to the Amazons page. Also updated all articles regarding the Amazons, including that in the Heracles page.

14/05/03 Added navigation bar at the top on some of the pages.
13/05/03 Timeless Myths have moved to a brand new host from Free2Code.

Redesigned the Related Sites page, with a few new links.

Added a new article, Alternative Accounts of Foundation, in the Tales of Rome.

Moved the heroine Io from Heroes I to Heroines page.

Update the Ninth Labour and the Death of Iphitus in Heracles page.

Update the Death of Achilles and the Fall of Troy in the Trojan War.

More modifications to the Odyssey page (grammar and additional detail).

Added an extra family tree to the House of Perseus, to show the brothers of Alcmene, daughter of Electryon and mother of Heracles.

Added Companions of Heracles in the Fact and Figures.


Added a new page called Druids for the Celtic Mythology. (Moved some articles to this page, like Cathbad, Tadg, Finneces (Finegas), Amairgin. Added many new articles to this page.)

Added Birth of Conchobar and Conchobar and Medb, as well updating Emain Macha and Deirdre and the Sons of Uisnech to the Ulster Cycle.

Changed a few names to the characters: Muirne into Muirenn, Maeve to Medb, and Finegas to Finneces. (Because these names are Irish Gaelic, not the Anglicised version that I have been using.)

Divided and moved part of Taliesin from the Mabinogion to the Druids page.

Added Dubthach Dóeltenga to the Red Branch.

Added Laeg (Cu Chulainn’s charioteer) and several Milesian characters to the Minor Celtic Character.

Added Ernmas and Flidais to Tuatha De Danann.

Added Sirona to Gallic Deities.

Separate the British Deities and Welsh Deities to separate pages. Also added the article Sulis and updated a couple of other goddesses in the British Deities.

Added a new genealogy page called Milesians.

A completely new genealogy page on the Ulster Cycle (previously known as the House of the Red Branch). Replaced the previous family tree of the Red Branch. There are now seven new trees, which also includes House of Connacht and Etain.

Updated the family tree of the Children of Danu, as well as adding the genealogy of the Nemedians and the Firbolgs.

Added two new pages to the Arthurian Women: Ganieda and Gwendoloena.

Updated the articles to Merlin and a few articles in the Arthurian Women.

Completely redesigned the family tree to Lancelot and the Grail Keeper. (2 trees)

Added a new Facts & Figures page, titled Arthurian Court.


January 2003

02/01/03 I would like to wish everyone a happy and (very) peaceful New Year in 2003. (Last year was pretty crazy year; too violent for me.)

Separated the Dietrich Legends, Beowulf and Kudrun into 3 separate pages.

Added two new genealogy pages for the Norse mythology: Beowulf and the Scyldings and Kudrun.

Added a new genealogy page on Merlin.

Added a new family tree under title of Family of Ceridwen and Taliesin, which is found in the Houses of Don and Llyr page.


See What’s New in 2002 for last year’s events.