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What’s New is where you will important announcement, updates and new pages or articles involving Timeless Myths. I have ordered it so that the latest is at the top.

Important News!!!

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November 2004

24/11/04 Added a new page, titled Conversions.

Moved the tale of the Children of Lir (from Tuatha De Danann, Lir) to the Conversions page.

Updated Lir in the Tuatha De Danann page and St Patrick in Minor Celtic Characters.


October 2004

11/10/04 Updated home page of Timeless Myths. Modified the temple – made it smaller.


September 2004

09/09/04 Made the following corrections to articles concerning the treasures of the Tuatha De Danann: Druids of Danu, Treasures of Tuatha Dé Danann, Irish Otherworld and the Enchanted Objects. Thank you, Nancy.
07/09/04 Added a new page on Anatolian Deities.

Moved Priapus to Anatolian Deities.

Added Kotys to the Thracian Deities.

Updated Bendis in Thracian Deities.

Updated Cybele in Mother Goddesses.

Updated Greek Festivals

Updated King Ban and King Bors in the Minor Arthurian Characters.


August 2004

28/08/04 Added Thracian Deities and Etruscan Deities to the Pantheon section.

Updated the Roman Deities page.

Changed the name of Ancient Deities to Primeval Deities.

Added Gautreks Saga to the Norse Sagas.

Updated Death of Balder (Ragnarok), to include a version told by Saxo Grammaticus.

Updated the article on Groa in the Witches page.

Added a new section to the Book of Invasion, called the The Real Invasions.

Added an article genius cucullatus in Gallic Deities.

Updated Robert de Boron’s version of Joseph of Arimathea to the Origin of the Grail page. (Thank you, Stephen for proof-reading this tale.)

Moved Canonical Hours to the Arthurian Court (it was previously in Historical Background).

I would like to thank C. Sciulli for the correction to the illustration of Sigurd and the Sleeping Brynhild in the Ring Cycle page. I had credited the wrong artist for the illustration; the artist is Arthur Rackham.


May 2004

01/05/04 Added a new page called the Origin of the Grail.

Moved Robert de Boron’s version of Joseph of Arimathea to the Origin of the Grail page.

Added Christian Feasts in Arthurian Court.

Updated Druidic Beliefs in Druids page and Partholonians in the Book of Invasions.

Updated Birth of Heracles and Madness of Heracles.

Updated Daedalus in the Minoan Crete.


March 2004

31/03/04 Moved to the Aeneid to a new page (the epic has been expanded). Previously in the Tales of Rome.

Updated Xuthus about his sons in the Aeolids.

Updated a couple of articles in Theseus.

Updated Death of Achilles in the Trojan War.

02/03/04 Updated the legend of the Brisingamen, by adding the war of the Hjadningavig.

Updated the following pages – Beowulf, Of Thor and Giants and Witches.


February 2004

24/02/04 Updated the following pages in classical mythology: Heroes I, Heroes II, Heroines, Amazons, Perseus, House of Athens, House of Troy, Minoan Crete.
11/02/04 Updated Rhodes, Cyprus and Scherië in Geographia.

Updated Artemis in the Olympians.

02/02/04 Added Gwynn ap Nudd in Welsh Deities.

Updated Culhwch and Olwen in the Mabinogion.

Updated Yvain (Owain) in the Knights of the Round Table.


January 2004

25/01/04 Updated the Roman Calendar and Roman Festivals in All Things Roman.

Updated Orphic Creation in the Creation (classical).

Updated the following articles in Ancient Deities: Chaos, Nyx, Aether, Protogonus (Phanes), Adrasteia.

Updated Draugar in Of Dwarves and Elves.

01/01/04 First of all, I want to wish everyone a Happy and Peaceful New Year!


Updated Celtic Calendar and Norse Festivals.

Updated the Wild Hunt in the Norse Way.

Updated Culhwch and Olwen in the Mabinogion, by adding the episode of Gwyn ap Nudd.


See What’s New in 2003 for last year’s events.