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What’s New is where you will important announcement, updates and new pages or articles involving Timeless Myths. I have ordered it so that the latest is at the top.

Important News!!!

Timeless Myths has moved to a new server, hosted by Free2Host, part of Free2Code. Timeless Myths has being off-line since just before Easter (2003). You will find Timeless Myths at https://www.timelessmyths.com/. Yes, I’ve also finally got my own domain name.

Remember to change removed your old Bookmark (Netscape) or Favorites (Internet Explorer) from you Browser, and replaced with the new URL:


I would like to apologise if it cause you any inconvenience.


June 2005

03/06/05 Added a new page on Faeries for the Celtic Mythology section.

Updated the following articles in Norse Mythology: Freyr, Rind, Hel, Gunnar, Hogni, Gudrun and Guttorm.

I have also updated the Death of Balder.

Updated the genealogy of Houses of the Volsungs and the Giukings (Niflungs). This is mostly note on the different Icelandic sources used to create the family tree, and what has been omitted.


January 2005

21/01/05 Updated the Giants page – rearranging the page into 2 sections Giants and Giantesses.

Added the Fenia & Menia to the Giants page. This has the story of Grottasong, which is also about King Frodi of Denmark.

Updated Freyja in the Vanir page.

Updated Guinevere in Arthurian Women.

14/01/05 Updated the Two Guineveres in the Lancelot du Lac page. Thank you, Frank and Lavinia.


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