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What’s New is where you will important announcement, updates and new pages or articles involving Timeless Myths. I have ordered it so that the latest is at the top.

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December 2006

19/12/2006 This is most likely the last updates for this year, so I would like to wish everyone a Joyous Yule and Happy New Year.


Added The Cover of the Book of Heroes in Book of Heroes, Hero’s Journey.

Updated all pages on the verses in the Book of Heroes, Heroic Poetry. (Just added dates to when each poem was posted in Timeless Myths.)

Updated Argonauts, In the Black Sea, about Phineus’ punishment.

Updated Enchanted Objects for Norse Mythology.

Updated Historical Background on the Arthurian legend. Thank you, Peter, who had kindly spend some time and effort in proofreading this page.

Updated the article Morgawse and the Questing Beast in the Legend of Excalibur.


June 2006

24/06/06 Added the Contact page, with a new e-mail address for feedback.


May 2006

18/05/06 Added a new Contact page to the Book of Heroes.

Updated all existing pages to the Book of Heroes.

Updated all articles in Greek World; mainly correction of grammar errors.

Updated this page What’s New. It should be 2006, but I had listed the year to being 2005. Sorry.


January 2006

26/01/06 Fixed the links (menu) and the problem with the interface layout.
19/01/06 Rename World of Storyteller back to the Book of Heroes.

Redesign the whole interface of Book of Heroes (still under construction).

11/01/06 New section to the Arthurian Legends of non-Arthurian legend, titled Songs of Deeds (Geste de Chansons). They would include any non-Arthurian legend, particularly French epics of King Charlemagne and his knights, which includes the Song of Roland.


Updated Tristan and Isolde. Mainly proof-reading the entire page.

Updated Guinevere, Anna, Elaine of Corbenic, Isolde of the White Hands, Brangwain, and Ganieda in Arthurian Women.

Added an article Eochaid Feidlech to the High Kings.

Added an article Aveta to Gallic Deities.

Updated the article on Wayland (Volund) in German Heroes.

Added a new page Iberian Deities to the Pantheon section (Classical Mythology).

Added a new page on Centaurs. This would mean moving the article on Centaurs in Mythical Creatures, and all other links that include any centaur.


See What’s New in 2005 for last year’s events.