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November 2007

27/10/07 Add the article Nudd (Lludd) to Welsh Deities.

Updated the following articles in Celtic mythology: Nuada (Tuatha Dé Danann); Breogan (Minor Celtic Characters); Gwynn ap Nudd (Welsh Deities); Nodons (British Deities).

Added Pindar’s list of Argonauts in the Crew of Argo.

Updated Astronomy page, and the article Deluge in Creation.


March 2007

15/03/07 Updated the Argonauts page.

Updated the following articles: Odysseus (Heroes II), Penelope (Heroines); Aeolus and Polyphemus in the Odyssey page.


February 2007

11/02/07 Updated articles on Odysseus (Heroes II) and Thoas (House of Calydon), about the exile and death of Odysseus.

Updated the articles on Menelaus and Orestes.

Move the Iberian Deities page to Celtic Mythology. (It was formerly in Classical Mythology, Pantheon section.)

4/02/07 In many articles of Greek mythical characters (in the Additional Information boxes), I have included their names in Greek letters, and you will find the following pages: Primeval Deities, Titans, Olympians, Minor Greek Deities, Heroes I, Heroes II, Heroines, etc. (I have included Greek names that are either important or ones that I can find; not every individual would have Greek names.)
1/02/07 Added two new pages on the saga of Hrolf Kraki and Hrolf’s genealogy.

Updated Enchanted Objects and Faithful Companions in Norse Mythology.


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