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November 2008

16/11/08 Added a new article Tenedos to Geographia: Islands.

Updated the article Lemnos to Geographia: Islands.

Updated map of Aegean, to include a link to article on Tenedos.


October 2008

04/10/08 Added a new article in Heroines – Harpalyce.

Updated the following articles: Neoptolemus, Aftermath of the War, Admetus and Alcestis and Gawain.

Updated the page, Perilous Graveyard.


July 2008

07/07/08 Added two new articles in Islands (Geographia): Icaria, Chios and Cythera.

Updated the map of the Aegean (Geographia).

03/07/08 Updated the Geographia pages, by adding Greek inscriptions to names of cities and regions: Peloponnesus, Mainland Greece, Islands and Asia Minor.


June 2008

12/06/08 Include more names written in Greek characters on many of the pages.

Updated the article of Selene in Minor Greek Deities page.


April 2008

25/04/08 Added the Song of El Cid to the Songs of Deeds (Arthurian Legends)


February 2008

10/02/08 Added a new page to Geographia: Map of Argolis and the surrounding regions.

Updated the following articles: Breastless Warriors and Hippolyte (Amazons), Camilla (Heroines), Laomedon (House of Troy), Troy (Geographica, Asia Minor), Enchanted Objects (belt of Hipployte).

Updated Norns (Aesir), Other Valkyries (Valkyries).

04/02/08 Added 2 new pages to Geographia: Map of Italy and Sicily and Italy.

Updated the map to Greece and Asia Minor.

Updated the following articles: 10 Labour (Heracles), Acrisius and Proëtus (Argolis), Tyndareus (House of Sparta), Aftermath of the War (Trojan War), Underworld (House of Hades), Solar System (Astronomy).


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