Facts & Figures: Faithful Companions

Facts and Figures

The following list shows the faithful animals of gods or mortals, such as horses and dogs that are found in the popular myths and legends.

Please note this is not a list of monsters and giants.

It should also be pointed out that there are Welsh legends associated with the Arthurian legend, so I kept all animals found in Celtic Welsh literature. Also, a number of animals from French literature are sometimes mentioned in the Arthurian literature, and for that reason, I saw no reason to exclude them here.


Companion Animal Type Owners Myth Origin
Bel Joeor horse Tristan Celtic/Arthurian
Berring horse Lancelot Arthurian
Cabal/Cavall dog Arthur Welsh/Arthurian
Ceingalad horse Gwalchmei (Gawain) Celtic/Welsh
Chesnut Long-Neck
(Lively Steed of Britain)
horse Kai (Kay) Celtic/Welsh
(Plundered Horse of Britain)
horse Owain (Yvain) Celtic/Welsh
Drudwyn horse Mabon Celtic/Welsh
(Pack-Horse of Britain)
horse Rhydderch Hael Celtic/Welsh
Gringalet, Gringolets horse Gawain Arthurian
Gringuljete with the Red Ears horse Lahelin, Orilus, Urjan, Lischois, Gawan (Gawain) Arthurian
Gwynn Dun Mane horse Mabon, Gweddw Celtic/Welsh
Husdant dog Tristan Celtic/Arthurian
Lion the Merciless parrot Arthur (in the Knight of the Parrot) Arthurian
Llamrei mare Arthur, Caw of Scotland Celtic/Arthurian
Pale Yellow of the Stud
(Bestowed Horse of Britain)
horse Lleu Celtic/Welsh
Passe-Brewel horse Tristan Celtic/Arthurian
Passelande horse Arthur Arthurian
White Lion lion Owain/Yvain Welsh/Arthurian


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French Legend

Companion Animal Type Owners Myth Origin
Bayard horse Renaud French
Gaignun horse Marsile (Saracen) French
Gramimund horse Valdabrun (Saracen) French
Passecerf horse Gerer French
Saltperdut horse Malquiant (Saracen) French
Sorel horse Gerin French
Tachebrun horse Ganelon French
Tencendur, Tencendor horse Charlemagne French
Veillantif horse Roland French
Babieca horse El Cid Spanish


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