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Arthurian Legends: The Complete Summary

Hawk of the Rising Sun

The Land of the Mighty
is in bloody strife and turmoil.

“Hear the tides of the godless Saxons,
bringing death and fire.
Hear the silent supplication
of our dead.

“Where are our brave warriors
of the shining helms,
To free us
from pain and shackles?

“Our tears and entreaties
To restore our pride and dignity
remain unheeded.

Why do you mock our prayers, O Lord,
With only a beardless boy
and a sword
As our protectors?”


Prayers Answered,
from the Book of Heroes.

No kings had endured such everlasting fame. Arthur represents the Golden Age of Chivalry. His band of warriors, known as the Knights of the Round Table, became just as famous as the legendary king. There were the knights Lancelot and Gawain, Perceval and Galahad, Tristan and many more.


Here, Timeless Myths bring back to life, the Age of King Arthur.

Arthurian Legends contain tales and knightly romances from Geoffrey of Monmouth to Sir Thomas Malory.

I have now included non-Arthurian subjects, such as the Frankish legend of Charlemagne and the Twelve Peers, in a new section, called the Songs of Deeds, which was translated from Old French chansons de geste. At the time, these medieval tales had rivalled that of King Arthur, for around there were over 80 chansons or “songs”.

The Arthurian Legends has been divided into three parts:

Camelot is a reference on the characters found in the Arthurian Legends.
The Age of Chivalry are collection of tales and romances found in the Arthurian Legends.
The Songs of Deeds are collection of Frankish legend of Charlemagne, in what the French called their epic poems as chanson de geste.


Other useful information includes:

Fact & Figures:
Historical Background
Arthurian Court
Enchanted Objects
Faithful Companions
Arthurian sources
Frankish sources

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Please note that when I mentioned “early tradition” in the Arthurian Legends, I’m talking about the works of Geoffrey of Monmouth (who wrote Historia regum Britanniae), Wace (who wrote Roman de Brut) and Layamon (who wrote Brut).

I will often mention works of other writers, such as Chretien de Troyes (who wrote five romances), Robert de Boron (Joseph d’Arimathie and Merlin), the Vulgate Cycle or Lancelot-Graal cycle (sometimes known as the Prose Lancelot, which included the Estoire de Saint Graal, Vulgate Merlin, Lancelot, Quest del Saint Graal and Mort le Roi Artu), Post-Vulgate cycle (comprising of Suite du Merlin and Prose Tristan), and Sir Thomas Malory (who wrote Le Morte d’Arthur).

A few tales about Arthur can also be found in the Celtic Mythology division, because they belonged to the world of Welsh myths and literature.


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