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Fragarach Manannan, Lugh Fragarach (Frecraid, Freagarthach) was also called the “Answerer”, and had belonged to Manannan MacLir and Lugh Lamfada. This could be one of the treasure of the Tuatha De Danann. See below, for the Sword of Findias.
Sword of Findias Nuada The magic sword made in Gorias, one of the cities in Tír na nÓg. The sword was a gift to Nuada Airgedlámh It was probably called Fragarach (Answerer) also the sword of Manannan MacLir and Lugh, see above on Fragarach.
Gáe Assail Lugh The Gáe Assail or “Lightning Spear” was another treasure of the the Tuatha De Danann, from the city of Gorias. The spear was used by Lugh in the Second Battle of Mag Tuired (Moytura), against the Fomorians.
Cauldron of Dagda Dagda The Cauldron of Dagda was another treasure of the Tuatha De Danann, from the city of Murias. The food in the magic cauldron would never run out and restore the strength and energy of those who ate the food. Possibly have restorative power, such as healing.
Uaithne Dagda The magic harp of Dagda, which could fly to him, if Dagda sang to the harp. The Fomorians had stolen Uaithne, but the harp flew back into his hand, killing nine Fomorians warriors along its flight path.
Lia Fail Nuada Lia Fail or “Stone of Destiny” was another treasure of the Tuatha De Danann, from the city of Falias. The stone would give a loud groan to annouce the true High King of Ireland.
Claidheamh Solius Cu Chulainn Claidheamh Solius (Cruiaidin Catutcheen) or the “Sword of Light”, belonging to Cu Chulainn.
Gáe Bolg Scathach, Cu Chulainn Gáe Bolg was the terrible javelin of Cu Chulainn. The woman warrior, named Scathach, gave the Gáe Bolg to Cu Chulainn.
Del chliss Cu Chulainn Del Chliss was another spear of Cu Chulainn.
Dubán Cu Chulainn Black shield.
Lámthapad Conall Cernach “Swift To Hand”. Possibly a shield, or else this is a sword.
Caladbolg Fergus MacRoich Caladbolg or Lightning Sword, belonged to Fergus MacRoich. Fergus used in the Cattle Raid of Cooley, cutting a hill in half in one sweep.
Leochain Fergus MacRoich Sword of Fergus.
Ochain Conchobor The “Ear of Beauty”. A shield with four gold borders.
Mac an Lúin Finn MacCumaill The sword of Finn MacCumaill.
Spear of Fiacha Fiacha, Finn MacCumaill The magical spear actually belong to Fiacha, but he did not know how to use the power of the spear. Fiacha gave the spear to Finn, who used the spear against Aillén, the Burner, dispelling the magic slumber before killing Aillén with the spear.
Móralltach Díarmait ua Duibne, Manannan Móralltach (Great Fury) was the sword of Díarmait. Díarmait only used this sword in adventure that are matter of life and death. Manannan gave this sword to Diarmait.
Begallta Díarmait ua Duibne, Angus Og Begallta (Little Fury) was the sword of Díarmait. Díarmait used the Begallta in smaller adventure that has less risk.
Gáe Dearg Díarmait ua Duibne, Angus Og Red spear of Díarmait. Díarmait only used the Gáe Dearg in adventure that are matter of life and death. Diarmait received this famous spear from his foster-father, Angus Og.
Gáe Buide Díarmait ua Duibne, Manannan Yellow spear of Díarmait. Díarmait used the Gáe Buide in smaller adventure that has less risk.
Borabu Oisin The horn of the Fianna, which Oisin found under a boulder. It was rounded, like a seashell, and when blown, it will summon Fian warriors from all parts of Ireland.
corrbolg Manannan, Lugh, Liath Luachra, Finn MacCumhaill Crane bag or corrbolg was made by Manannan Mac Lir. Iuchra had jealously killed Aife, daughter of Dealbhaoth. She was in the form of a crane at her death, so Manannan used Aife’s skin to make the magical bag.
standard of Finn MacCumaill Finn MacCumaill The standard of Finn MacCumaill. It depicts a golden sun rising from the blue sea floor.
Cauldron of Rebirth Bran, Matholwch In Welsh myth, this cauldron could resurrect someone who had being dead for less than a day, but they had no ability to speak.
Cauldron of Inspiration Ceridwen Ceridwen tried to use the Cauldron of Inspiration or Wisdom, to make her ugly son Morfran a famous bard.
Calwdvwlch Arthur Sword of Arthur, forerunner of Excalibur.
Caliburn King Arthur Caliburn was the original Latin name of King Arthur’s sword, Excalibur. According to Geoffrey of Monmouth, the sword was forged at the Isle of Avalon.
Excalibur Lady of the Lake, King Arthur, Gawain Excalibur (cut steel) was the sword of King Arthur. In some tales, Gawain’s sword was also called Excalibur. Wheter this sword is the same one as that wielded by his uncle, is unclear. According to the Geoffrey of Monmouth, the sword was called Caliburn, and it was forged at the Isle of Avalon. However, the later legend say that Excalibur was given to Arthur by the Lady of the Lake. At Arthur’s death, the king had the sword thrown into the lake, by either Girflet or Bedivere. Excalibur came with an scabbard that had even more powerful magic; it prevent of blood from wounds. However, the scabbard was lost because Morgan le Fay stole the sheath and threw it into a lake. In the Welsh tradition, the sword was called Caledvwlch.
Rhongowennan Arthur Spear of Arthur. It was later called Ron.
Ron King Arthur The lance of King Arthur. It was originally called Rhongomynad in the Welsh tale.
Wynebgwrthucher Arthur Shield of Arthur.
Carnwennan Arthur Knife or dagger of Arthur.
Pridwen, Prydwen Arthur Ship of King Arthur, according to the Welsh poem, the Spoils of Annwfn. This ship also appeared in Culhwch and Olwen, when Arthur travelled to Ireland, to fetch the cauldron of Diwrnach and the boar Twrch Trwyth. In later Arthurian legend, Pridwen was the name of Arthur’s shield.
Pridwen King Arthur The shield of King Arthur. According to Welsh tradition, the shield was called Wynebgwrthucher. In the Welsh poem, the Spoils of Annwfn, the Pridwen was actually the original name of Arthur’s ship.
Fail-not Tristan Bow of Tristan.


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