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Celtic Otherworld (Sidhe) Overview


According to the Celtic myths, the Celtic deities or the fairy people lived in the domain that was generally called the “Otherworld“. These domains were hidden from mortal eyes.

In Irish myths, the Otherworld could be islands, hostel, or dun (hill-fort). Sometimes, the Otherworld was called Sidhe, the fairy hill-fort (dun) or palace.

In the Welsh myths, the Otherworld was often called Annwfn or Annwyn, and the fort or castle was ususally known as Caer.

To read more about the Otherworld, please read the new page called Celtic World and Cultures.



In Timeless Myths, the Otherworld contained information about Celtic gods and goddesses. Deities from Irish myths were more generally well known than those in Britain, Wales and Gaul (France and northern Italy). The Irish deities can be found under the button labelled Tuatha Dé Danann.

I have also included brief description of Welsh deities, and those of ancient Gallic and British deities. Note that though the Irish and Welsh deities have the similar names, however their myths are different (their names are spelt differently as well).

The earliest known deities in the Celtic world, was recorded by the Classical writer during the period of the Roman Empire. These writers tried to describe the gods and religions found in Gaul and Britain. See the Gallic Deities and the British Deities.


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Irish Janus

Celtic Janus
Stone carving, pre-Christian period
Boa Island on Upper Lough Erne, Ireland


To read more about the Otherworld, you should go to Celtic World & Cultures. This also contained the Celtic Calendar.


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NotesThe page on Tuatha Dé Danann has been placed both here (Otherworld) and in the page called Warrior Society. The Dananns were regarded as one of the races who settled in Ireland, as well as the gods and goddeses of Ireland.