Facts & Figures: Faithful Companions

Facts and Figures

The following list shows the faithful animals of gods or mortals, such as horses and dogs that are found in the popular myths and legends.

Please note this is not a list of monsters and giants.


Companion Animal Type Owners Myth Origin
Aithon, Αιθον horse Ares Greek/Roman
Argus dog Odysseus Greek/Roman
Arion horse Heracles, Adrastus Greek/Roman
Balius horse Peleus, Achilles Greek/Roman
Caerus horse Adrastus Greek/Roman
Canis dog Orion Greek/Roman
Capitolian Wolf wolf Romulus and Remus Roman
Cerberus dog (monster) Hades Greek/Roman
Conabos, Κοναβος horse Ares Greek/Roman
Laelaps dog Europa, Procris, Cephalus, Amphitryon Greek/Roman
Lampus horse Eos Greek/Roman
Maera dog Icarius Greek/Roman
Pegasus horse Bellerophon Greek/Roman
Phaethon horse Eos Greek/Roman
Phlogios horse Ares Greek/Roman
Phobos horse Ares Greek/Roman
Picus woodpecker Mars Roman
Xanthus horse Peleus, Achilles Greek/Roman


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