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Alba Longa
Monarachy of Rome


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Alba Longa

The genealogy of Alba Longa shows how Romulus was the descendant of Aeneas from the royal house of Troy (Dardanian line). Romulus was the founder of Rome.

The founder of the city of Alba Longa, in Latium, was Ascanius or Iulus, the son of Aeneas.

All of Aeneas’ descendants, after his grandson Silvius (2nd king of Alba Longa), have the family name of Silvius.

Priam (king of Troy) Hecuba (queen of Troy) Anchises (king of Dardania) Venus (goddess of love) Latinus (king of Latium) Amata (queen of Latium) Creusa (Trojan princess) Aeneas (king of Lavinium) Lavinia Ascanius or Iulus (king of Alba Longa) Numitor (king of Alba Longa) Amulius (usurper of Alba Longa) Rhea Silvia Mars (god of war) Remus Romulus (first king of Rome) Quirinus (Roman god, Deification of Romulus) Hersillie (Queen of Rome) Hora (deification of Hersillie)



Monarachy of Rome


Unlike most kingdoms in other part of the world, where the monarchy or the kingship was hereditary and nobility title, in Rome the king was elected by voting in election from candidates. Therefore a son or close kin doesn’t necessary succeed his father to kingship.

It was not even essential requirement to be a pure Roman citizen to be candidate for kingship. Most of the kings were of foreign background, such as from the Latin, Sabine or Etruscan cities.

Numa’s grandson, Ancus Marcius, did become king of Rome, but Ancus ruled after the Roman king, Tullus Hostilius. Similarly, Lucius Tarquinius Superbus didn’t immediately succeed his father Lucius Tarquinius Priscus but from Servius Tullius.


House of Romulus

Numitor (king of Alba Longa) Mars (god of war) Rhea Silvia Hersillie (Queen of Rome) Romulus (first king of Rome) Remus


Sabine-Latin Line

Numa Pompilius (2nd king of Rome) Tullus Hostilius (3rd king of Rome) Hostius Hostilius (Roman champion) Ancus Marcius (4th king of Rome)


Etruscan Line (Tarquinii)

Lucius Tarquinius Priscus (5th king of Rome, also called Lucumo) Servius Tullius (6th king of Rome) Lucius Tarquinius Superbus (7th king of Rome) Lucius Junius Brutus (hero of the Republic) Sextus Tarquinius Lucius Collatinus Tarquinius (husband of Lucretia) Lucretia (heroine of the Republic) Servius Tullius (prince of Corniculum)

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