Genealogy: Aeolids 2 (Corinth & Orchomenus)

The second page of the genealogy of the Aeolids (descendants of Aeolus), displaying the family trees of Sisyphus from Corinth and Athamas from Orchomenus. Both Sisyphus and Athamas were the sons of Aeolus.

House of Sisyphus
House of Athamas


You will find another family tree that displayed all the children of Aeolus in Aeolids 1, under the Deucalionids (Descendants of Deucalion). Deucalion was the son of the Titan Prometheus.



House of Sisyphus:


Atlas (Titan) Pleïone (mother of the Pleiades) Merope (Pleiade) Europa (daughter of Agenor of Sidon) Sarpedon (king of Lycia) Iobates (king of Lycia) Aeolus (king of Thessaly) Sisyphus (king of Corinth) Glaucus (king of Corinth) Coronis (Thessalian princess) Antiope (daughter of Nycteus of Thebes) Clymene (wife of Iasus of Arcadia) Proetus (king of Tiryns and Argos) Stheneboea (wife of Proëtus of Tiryns) Bellerophon Asclepius (god of healing) Sarpedon (co-captain of Lycians forces) Sarpedon ? (captain of the Lycians) Glaucus (co-captain of Lycians forces) Nisus (king of Megara Arceisius Autolycus (master thief) Laërtes (king of Ithaca) Anticleia Odysseus (king of Ithaca)

The family tree of Sisyphus can be divided into three parts, because his descendants ruled three powerful kingdoms.

His sons, Glaucus and later Ornytion had succeeded him in Corinth. Glaucus was possibly the father of Bellerophon, though it was usually said that Bellerophon’s real father was the sea god Poseidon, was banished for murder. So when Glaucus died, his brother Ornytion succeeded him.

Sisyphus’ other son, Almus ruled in Orchomenus, in Boeotia.

His gramdson Bellerophon ruled the kingdom of Lycia, in Asia Minor (southwestern Turkey).

There are some confusions about the Lycian line of Sisyphus.

Some say that Bellerophon was the son of Glaucus and Eurymede or Eurynome, while other favoured the tradition, that Glaucus would only be father of children of others, but never his own. This was a curse, Zeus had placed on Glaucus, because of his hatred for Sisyphus. Poseidon had disguised himself as Eurymede’s husband, so Poseidon was the real father of Bellerophon.

Other confusions involved with who were Sarpedon’s parents. I am talking about the Sarpedon, who was the captain of the Lycians, during the Trojan War, not his grandfather, the Cretan Sarpedon, who was the son of Zeus and Europa.

Both daughters of Bellerophon claimed to be Sarpedon’s mother. According to Homer, Sarpedon was the son of Zeus and Laodameia. While in most of the other sources, Sarpedon’s mother was Deïdameia, while the father was Evander, the son of the Cretan Sarpedon. Most people favoured the second tradition, Sarpedon’s being Deïdameia’s son.


Please note that some sources say that Sisyphus was the real father of Odysseus, not Laretes, when the Corinthian king ravished Anticleia, daughter of the master thief Autolycus. If this true, then Odysseus have a strong connection to the Aeolids.



House of Athamas:

Here are two trees on the house of Athamas. Both trees are relevant.

The first family displayed Athamas’ children and descendants from his first two wives: Nephele and Ino.


Aeetes (king of Colchis) Aeolus (king of Thessaly) Athamas (king of Orchomenus) Nephele (1st wife of Athamas) Ino (daughter of Cadmus) Phrixus Helle Jason (Argo captain) Medea (Colchian sorceress) Melicertes Learchus Erginus (king of Orchomenus)

The second family tree of Athamas, displayed his children and descendants from his third wife, Themisto, daughter of King Hypseus of Thessaly.

Hypseus (king of Thessaly) Themisto (wife of Athamas) Aeolus (king of Thessaly) Athamas (king of Orchomenus) Schoeneus (king of Orchomenus) Atalanta Meleager (son of Althaea and Oeneus) Peneius (Thessalian river-god)

It should be noted that Schoeneus was sometimes seen as the king of Orchomenus or that of Arcadia. Sometimes, Atalanta was seen as the daughter of Iasus, instead of Schoeneus.

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