Genealogy: House of Argos (Proëtids and Aeolids)


Inachus (Argive river-god) Io Agenor (king of Sidon) Europa Cadmus (king of Thebes) Belus (king of Egypt) Aegyptus (king of Egypt) Danaus (king of Argos) Lynceus (king of Argos) Acrisius (king of Argos) Proëtus (king of Tiryns) Iobates (king of Lycia) Stheneboea Megapenthes (king of Argos) Bias (Aeolid king of Argos) Melampus (Aeolid seer) Pero (daughter of King Neleus of Pylos) Talaus (king of Argos) Adrastus (king of Argos) Eriphyle (sister of Adrastus) Amphiaraus (Argive seer) Polyneices (son of King Oedipus of Thebes) Tydeus (son of King Oeneus of Calydon) Capaneus (Argive chieftain) Evadne Eteoclus (Argive chieftain) Hippomedon (Argive chieftain) Mecistus (brother of Adrastus) Diomedes (Epigoni) Aegialeus (Epigoni) Thersander (king of Thebes) Sthenelus (Epigoni) Amphiochus (Epigoni) Alcmeon (Epigoni) Euryalus (Epigoni) Polydorus (Epigoni) Cylarbes (king of Argos) Cyanippus (king of Argos) Thestius Amythaon (Aeolid) Calydon (founder of Calydon) Neleus (king of Pylos) Sparta (daughter of Eurotas Lacedaemon (king of Sparta) Abas (king of Argos) Mantius Antiphates Abas Perimela Coeranus (Argive seer) Tisamenus (king of Thebes) Hypermnestra Amymone

The family tree that you see above, contained the link between Proetus and the Aeolids, Melampus and Bias. Their descendants would become involved in two wars against Thebes (Seven Against Thebes and the Epigoni), before the Trojan War.

I wasn’t able to show the complete family tree of Melampus and his descendants, so there’s another family tree you maybe interested in, called the Houses of Seers. This show mostly Melampus and his descendants.

You will find a more complete line of Acrisius and Perseus, in the House of Perseus (Tiryns and Mycenae). If you are interested in the early kings of Argos, then you should see Early House of Argos.