Genealogy: House of Perseus (Mycenae and Tiryns)

Genealogy: House of Perseus (Mycenae and Tiryns)


Inachus (Argive river-god) Io Telegonus (king of Egypt) Epaphus (king of Egypt) Aegyptus (king of Egypt) Danaus (king of Argos) Amymone Hypermnestra Lynceus (king of Argos) Abas (king of Argos) Proëtus (king of Tiryns) Acrisius (king of Argos) Belus (king of Egypt) Agenor (king of Sidon) Eurydice Sparta (daughter of Eurotas) Lacedaemon (king of Sparta) Danae Andromedea Perseus (king of Mycenae and Tiryns) Electryon (king of Mycenae) Sthenelus (king of Mycenae) Amphitryon Alcmene Heracles Iphicles (brother of Heracles & Argonaut) Iolaus (companion of Heracles) Iole Eurytus (archer king of Oechalia) Iphitus (Argonaut) Iphitus (Argonaut) Clytius (Argonaut) Deianeira (daughter of Oeneus) Megara (daughter of King Creon of Thebes) Creon (king of Thebes) Eurystheus (king of Mycenae and Tiryns) Antimache (daughter of Amphidamas) Gorgophone Oebalus (king of Sparta) Perieres (king of Messenia) Pelops (king of Pisa) Hippodameia (daughter of Oenomaus) Oenomaus (king of Pisa) Alcathous (king of Megara and son of Pelops) Lysdice (daughter of Pelops) Nicippe (daughter of Pelops) Astydameia (daughter of Pelops) Anaxo (daughter of Alcaeus) Atreus (king of Mycenae) Thyestes (king of Mycenae) Iobates (king of Lycia) Cadmus (king of Thebes) Europa Cassiopea (Queen of Eithopia) Cepheus (King of Eithopia) Phineus or Agenor (enemy of Perseus) Stheneboea Oeneus (king of Calydon) Althaea (daughter of Thestius) Meleager (hero of the Calydonian Boar Hunt) Hyllus (Heraclid leader) Aristomachus (Heraclid) Aristodemus (Heraclid) Temenus (Heraclid king of Argos) Procles (Heraclid king of Sparta) Eurysthenes (Heraclid king of Sparta) Cresphontes (Heraclid king of Messenia) Polyphontes (Heraclid king of Messenia) Aepytus (Heraclid king of Messenia) Deiphontes (Heraclid king of Argos) Merope (Messenian Queen)

The family tree above showed the descedants of Io, on the Belid branch, which included such heroes as Perseus and Heracles.

The names in blues are the Heraclids or the descendants of Heracles, who would later conquer Argos, Sparta and the region of Messenia.

I should also point out that Apollodorus had given us two versions, of the conception of Perseus. The popular version, say that Zeus had come to Danae as a shower of gold, when she was confined in a bronze chamber. The other version say that her uncle Proëtus was Perseus’ real father.

You will find a more complete family tree of Proetus, in the House of Argos, Proëtid-Aeolid line. And if you are interested in the early kings of Argos, then you should see Early House of Argos.

You will also find Pelops and his descendants (eg. Atreus, Agamemnon, Orestes, etc) in the House of Pelops.

I have not been able to fit in the large family tree, the nine sons of Electryon and Anaxo. These nine sons died from the Taphian raid. Only Electryon’s illegitimate son, Licymnius, had survived, because he was too young to take part in battle. I have included an extra family tree below, to supplement the above family tree.

Creon (ruler of Thebes) Pelops (king of Pisa) Heracles Amphitryon Alcmene Iphicles (father of Iolaus) Oeonus (cousin of Heracles) Electryon (king of Mycenae and Tiryns)