Houses of Thebes & Crete

The following two family trees showed two powerful houses in the two kingdoms: Thebes and Crete. Like the Houses of Argolis, they are descendants of the river god Inachus and his daughter Io, and these descendants are known as Inachids, but Thebes (Cadmus) and Crete (Europa) also belonged to the Agenorid line (descendants of Agenor), as opposed to the Belid line in Argos.

Agenor was the king of Sidon (or Tyre in other myth), in Phoenicia.

  House of Minos (Crete)
  House of Thebes

House of Minos

See Minoan Crete, for the myths about Europa and Minos.

There are several names not listed here, because I couldn't fit them here.

Androgeus, son of Minos, had two sons, living on the island of Paros – Alcaius and Sthenelus. Alcaius and Sthenelus had joined Heracles in the Amazon adventure: fetching the Girdle of Hippolyte (9th Labour).

Also on the island of Paros, Minos had other sons: Eurymedon, Chryses, Nephalion and Philolaus. They were killed by Heracles, because they had killed two of Heracles' crew.

House of Thebes

Another family tree that you may be interested in, is the House of Seers. Though this genealogy contained mostly the seers from Argos, who were descendants of Melampus, Teiresias has a daughter named Manto who was the mother of two seers, Amphilochus (2) and Mopsus, who are both his grandsons. While Amphilochus (2) was also a descendant of Melampus. Teiresias himself was descended from Udaeüs, one of the Sparti ("Sowed-men").

See the House of Thebes, about Cadmus and his descendants.

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