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Houses of Aetolia

Aetolia was formerly populated by the people known as the Curetes, the original inhabitants of this region. The three sons of Apollo and the nymph Phthia were named Laodocus, Polypoetes and Dorus, were the leaders of the Curetes. They were killed by Aetolus, an Aeolid, who migrated from Elis. It is Aetolus who established the dynasty of two kingdoms, Pleuron and Calydon.

Oeneus was best-known king to rule Calydon. Oeneus had two wives, Althaea and Periboea, both of wives were actually his nieces. Some authors say that the hero Meleager was the son of Oeneus and Althaea, while others say that the Greek war god, Ares, was the real father of Meleager.

According to the Fabulae, Hyginus' list of Argonauts had included Ancaeus, the son of Neptune (Poseidon) and Althaea. (Sorry, I couldn't fit Ancaeus in the family tree; beside Hyginus was the only author to mention this son of Althaea).

Similarly, there is uncertainty with who was Deianeira's father. I had put her as the daughter of Oeneus, because most authors say that she was, but Apollodorus does mention that her father was actually Dionysus, the god of wine.

The next family tree, listed all the children of Thestius. See the Children of Thestius.

Children of Thestius

Thestius was the son of Ares and Demonice, or of Agenor and Epicasta. I tends to favour the former as the parents of Thestius. Thestius was only famous by his children and grandchildren. Thestius was the king of Pleuron in Aetolia. Thestius had succeed his great-grandfather, Pleuron, the founder of this kingdom (Pleuron).

Though he has three daughters, two of them, were famous: Leda and Althaea, while his third daughter, Hypermnestra, was the mother of the famous Argive warrior-seer, Amphiaraüs.

As to the sons of Thestius, their names and number varied, depending on the sources you may have read. I had relied on Apollodorus' Library, to gain their names, where Thestius has four sons: Iphiclus (Iphiclos), Evippus (Evippos), Plexippus (Plexippos) and Euryplus (Euryplos). Iphiclus was mentioned as one of the Argonauts, in Apollonius' Argonautica, as well as in Apollodorus' Library and in Hyginus' Fabulae, who had accompanied his nephew Meleager in the Quest. Hyginus says that Iphiclus' mother was Leucippe.

According to the Metamorphoses, however, Ovid had only listed Plexippus and Toxenus, whom Meleager had killed after the Calydonian Boar Hunt, as the sons of Thestius. While Apollodorus mentioned Iphiclus, who joined the hunt, which sons of Thestius were killed.

I have only shown the Thestius' children and grandchildren, in this tree. For a more fuller views of his descendants of Thestius, you will have to go to different family trees: Calydon (this page), Sparta and Argos.

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