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Greek Families:

Apart from Zeus sleeping with women in the royal houses throughout Greece and in every different generations, so that every descendants were related to him, there is another common ancestry to most of these great families. If we discounted Zeus and his brother Poseidon, ultimately all royal lines linked back to Oceanus, the eldest of the Titans, and of course, to Tethys, Oceanus’ sister and wife.

Some of lines also go back to Iapetus, Oceanus’s brother. Iapetus was the father of Atlas, Prometheus and Epimethus. From Prometheus and Atlas, their descendants had also established great houses, however the consort of Iapetus was either Clymene or Asia, both of them were daughters of Oceanus. Even Atlas’ consort, Pleione, mother of the Pleiades, was a daughter of Oceanus. The great city was not only linked to Oceanus through Pleione’s daughter Electra, but also through Oceanus’ son Scamander.

What about the great houses of Argos, Thebes and Cretes? Their common ancestor was the river-god Inachus, who happened to be the son of Oceanus and Tethys. And if we look at the ancestor of the heroes Peleus and Achilles was Asopus – another son of Oceanus.

So, most of genealogy goes all the way back to the Titan Oceanus, even though it may not be so obvious in some cases.

Of all the genealogy listed here, only the House of Athens have no obvious link to Oceanus.

Aeolids (Descendants of Aeolids)

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Roman Families:


Miscellaneous Genealogy:

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