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Seven Against Thebes



Seven Against Thebes

Here is a list of the seven Argive champions who fought against Thebes. It also showed the gate the hero fought at and which Theban champions they were killed by.

Champions Parentage Gate Killed By
Adrastus (Ἄδραστου) son of Talaus & Lysimache
Amphiarüs (Ἀμφιάραος) son of Oícles & Hypermnestra Homoloean Gate Zeus (or Periclymenus)
Hippomedon (Ἱππομέδων) son of Talaus & Lysimache or Lysianassa Athena Onca Ismarus
Mecisteus (Μηκιστεύς) son of Talaus & Lysimache or Lysianassa Melanippus
Capaneus (Καπανεύς) son of Hipponous & Astynome Electran Gate Zeus
Eteoclus (Ἐτεοκλυς) son of Iphis Neïstan Gate Leades or Megareus
Parthenopaeüs (Παρθενοπαἳος) son of Ares, Hippomenes, Melanion or Meleager & Atalanta Borraean Gate Periclymenus, Asphodicus or Amphidicus


Tydeus (Τυδεύς) son of Oeneus & Gorge or Periboea Proëtid Gate Melanippus
Polyneices (Πολυνείκης) son of Oedipus & Jocasta Seventh Gate Eteocles


Adrastus, king of Argos, was the leader of the Seven champions. He was the only leader of the Seven to survive the war.

Capaneus was killed by the thunderbolt of Zeus. While Zeus did not actually killed Amphiarüs, rather that the god caused the earth to open up in front of Amphiarüs’ chariot, swallowing up the seer and his charioteer.

Note that nine people are listed here, instead of seven. The Seven champions were seven Argive chieftains listed above (including Adrastus, king of Argos). Polyneices and Tydeus were foreign princes (and sons-in-law of Adrastus); therefore, they were not counted as member of the Seven, though they both took very active roles in the war. For this reason, I have placed Polyneices and Tydeus in the bottom of the list, anyway.

Some writers, however, do count Polyneices and Tydeus as two of the seven champions. In this case, you could leave out Mecisteus and Adrastus (eg. Aeschylus’ Seven Against Thebes). The name of the gates attacked by the Seven was also given in Aeschylus’ play.


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Leaders Parents
Aegialeus (Αἰγιάλεος) son of Adrastus & Amphithea
Cyanippus (Κυάνιππος) son of Adrastus & Amphithea
Alcmeon (Ἀλκμάιων) son of Amphiarüs & Eriphyle
Amphilochus (Ἀμφίλοχος) son of Amphiarüs & Eriphyle
Sthenelus (Σθένελος) son of Capaneus & Evadne
Polydorus (Πολύδωρος) son of Hippomedon
Euryalus (Εὐρύαλος) son of Mecisteus
Promachus (Πρόμαχος) son of Parthenopaeüs
Diomedes (Διομήδης) son of Tydeus & Deïpyle
Thersander (Θέρσανδρος) son of Polyneices & Argeia


Alcmeon was elected leader of the Epigoni. Aegialeus was the only leader to die in Thebes. Adrastus, king of Argos died from grief, when he heard that his son (Aegialeus) had fallen in battle. Apparently, one of the prophecies stated that the Argives can’t win the war, unless the last leader of the original Seven has died.

One writer listed Timeas and Adrastus, the sons of Polyneices & Argeia, also as the members of the Epigoni.

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