Feedbacks are welcome.

There are several possible ways of contacting me. And I will leave it up to you, how you want to correspond with me.

You may call me by name, Jimmy. Or use anyone of the alias that I have used over the year: Storyteller (my personal favourite), Bard, Mythographer, Myth Researcher, Gnostic, and I was once known as Bladesmaster, because of my old email account.




Email is the most common way to contact me.

And over the years, I had several e-mail accounts, because some providers may close down their server, or I ran out of space, or worse still being deluge with spam or junk mails.

    In this latest account, I am known as Myth Researcher, but you call me by name (Jimmy or Jim), or Storyteller. Storyteller is a personal favourite alias of mine.

    Very Important. I would ask you all to please refrain from entering latest email account into mailing list. Please don’t spam my email. Only send me messages with feedback with regards on Timeless Myths or related sites that I have created.

    Notes For Students:

    Some words of warnings.

    You may ask me questions, but do not expect me to do your homework for you. I have provided for you as one of the resources (Timeless Myths) that you can use, to aid your research, but you still must do your own work that you would present to your teacher.

    If you read my site, then you should put in bibliography, or footnote, on which resource you have used. And if you copy part, like sentences or paragraph from my page, you must cite your source. Avoid plaguarising. Read my Copyright Notice page. It give you example of citing source or including source to your bibliography.

    There are list of books, which are my primary sources, that I have used in my research. Below are my bibliography pages:

    If for example, the teacher ask you to read The Odyssey, by Homer, then my work on Timeless Myths, where I have a page on the Odyssey, can only supplement what your teachers ask you to read. My version of the Odyssey, is only summary. You should read the real literature (like the Odyseey) in order to better understand it.


    Social Portals

    Social Portals are like MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, and I think YouTube.

    These could be the other means of contacting me.

    Currently, I’ve only set up MySpace and Facebook accounts, which to receive your feedback, if you so wish.

    Facebook Facebook Timeless-Myths (fan)
    Twitter: Timeless Myths Twitter Timeless Myths (follower)

    Use the above links to send me your Facebook invitations or become a Facebook fan of Timeless Myths.

    There are 2 links to Facebook; you will either send me an invitation to become friend or part of the network, or you become a fan of my Facebook page. With Twitter, you become a follower.

    Very Important. If you wish me to accept your invitation of friendship (or networking), then be sure to mention that you are visitor of “Timeless Myths”. Because with MySpace, I receive quite a number of invitations from independent artists (singers, musicians, bands and songwriters) for my Storyteller MySpace. So to distinguish you from the musicians, it would be best that you mention why you visit MySpace.

    Just be warned. If you send me your messages to the Comment board, instead of using Facebook Inbox or IM (Instant Message), then your message will be display in PUBLIC. Use the IM or Send Message, if you want to send PRIVATE messages to me.

    Be warned. I don’t visit Twitter as often as I do Facebook.



    If you don’t mind your messages to me being made public area, you can join one of the two forums that I frequent.

    Forum Alias Instant Messages (IM)? Topics where you may find me
    Free2Code storyteller No Religions, Politics/World Events, Books, Chats
    Religious Forums gnostic Yes Mythology in General, General Religious Debates, Biblical Debates, Science and Religion Debates, Gnosticism.

    There is a great advantage to using a forum, instead of e-mail. You may find other people who may know more about mythology or legend than me; so if I can’t answer your questions, there maybe someone else who may know the answers. This is particularly important, if you are doing research or assignment.

    The disadvantage of using forums is the lack of privacy.

    All you need is to join the forum by becoming a member, and then post your messages in their forums, by starting a new topic. Forums usually divide their site into many different topics.

    Note that Religious Forums provide Instant Messages or IM, where you can also contact me privately. The advantage of using IM (in comparison of using e-mail) is that you rarely get spammed messages.

    Also note that Free2Code doesn’t have a separate Mythology section, so I put all my mythological topics in the Religions forum.

    I could start my own forums, but unforunately, this would take up too much space in my current server, making it impossible for me to put more pages in Timeless Myths.