Copyright Notes

Copyright Notices

The Timeless Myths is copyright by Jimmy Joe in 1999. All Rights Reserved.

Permission is granted to use, copy the text and to print out copies for only PERSONAL and EDUCATIONAL use. In another words, it should only be used for scholarly purpose. You may use and quoted for NON-COMMERCIAL purposes (NON-PROFIT purposes) so long as the source is cited (eg. name of website and URL address) and the credit is given to the author (eg. “Jimmy Joe”, which is my name).


NO permission is granted for commercial use.

You should note that at the bottom of every page, there is the copyright detail of Timeless Myths.

Below are additional information about copyright and the use of the contents to students, website designers and authors.


Notes for Students

Since the contents (text) within Timeless Myths are copyrighted, you would use it like when you use any book: you would cite Timeless Myths as your sources in your bibliography, note or footnote. You should always provide detail of the media used, such as title, author, publisher, etc. With the electronic text obtained from the net (like Timeless Myths), you would include the site URL address and the author name.

Gaining good results can be gained for your written papers, because a good student would always quotes the passage and provide detail of where the student got his or her material from. It is normal practice.

Quoting your sources is not plagiarism as long you state where you got the material from.

Though Timeless Myths contained only a few passages from the translations that I have read, I had still listed books and electronic texts that I have read in my four pages of bibliography. The bibliography contained translated texts, suggested reading, and other references.

You will find my bibliography in the following pages:-

So if you are using my website in your paper, your bibliography must include the name of website (eg. Timeless Myths), its URL address (eg., and my name as the author and designer of the website (Jimmy Joe). Below is an example of including the website of Timeless Myths’ home page:

Joe, Jimmy
Timeless Myths, 1999

Here is another of how to list my website on your assignment’s bibliography. Supposed that you had done your research on King Arthur and the Grail, then you could cite the following detail:

Joe, Jimmy
Timeless Myths: Arthurian Legends, 1999

You can even specify more specific page that you had used in your research. Below is an example of what you would probably put in bibliography or notes. Say that you had quoted material from the Argonauts page, then you would probably cite the follow details:

Joe, Jimmy
“The Argonauts” from the Timeless Myths
, 1999

Whatever specific page you had used you can include the right URL address. If you were using MS Internet Explorer, then the URL would be listed in the Address box, while Netscape called it the Location box, both of them are usually under the browers’ menu and buttons.

Including my email address is optional.

So remember, three important things needed to be cited as your source: my name, website and URL. How specific is up to you.


Notes for Designers of Webpages

For those people who create their own websites, you must contact me if you wish to use any material from Timeless Myths. State your purpose of why you want to use.

If permission is granted, you will need to put a brief detail of where you got it from, just like you were writing assignment. You will need to include the following details: the URL address, the name of the site and the name of the designer (me), etc. You can either place this information at the bottom of the quoted text, in your footnote or in your “Selected Reading” or bibliography. See Notes for Students on how to cite your source in bibliography.

Remember that there will be no permission for commercial use. So commercial website won’t be given permission.


Notes for Authors

Writing a book would be considered “commercial use”. I have intended Timeless Myths to be a free resource for only personal and educational uses. Since Timeless Myths is copyrighted, you will need an expressed written authority or permission with signature. As I stated earlier, permission will not be given for this purpose. So please respect my copyright to Timeless Myths.

If you are not satisfied with this, then please contact me. I am willing to listen to your purposes of why you want to use extracts of Timeless Myths in your book. If permission should be granted to you (in writing), then you must follow the same copyright guideline as those mentioned above. Which is, you must cite your source for any quoted material used, and that the credit should be given to the author. See Notes for Students on how to cite your source in bibliography.


– Jimmy Joe




You should note, that I had never claim this website to contain translations. Yes, I have read translations from various sources. But what you will find in Timeless Myths is an accurate but summarised account of myths and legends.

I write about the myths in my own words, but I am not claiming that I had actually invent any of these myths. These myths can be found in literature, where the authors have been long dead. The sources of these literary works come from ancient and medieval periods.


Disclaimers on Images

There are many scanned images from books, particularly art works (ie. paintings, sculptures, etc), and illustrations from various books. I had scanned some of the images; my friend had scanned the rest. I don’t claimed copyright to these images. These paintings, sculptures and illustrations belonged to the artists, art galleries, museums, authors or publishers.

The only images that I can claim copyright, are those that I have drawn myself with a paint program, such as the image of Timeless Myths and the top of the page. I had drawn the buttons and the headers as well. And of course, the grey shield on the opening page of the Arthurian Legends (

I have tried to include some information with these images, eg. Artist’s name, when he produce it, and where the images come from. A few of them that I have posted, don’t have any information. If you happened to have information on any of them, I will appreciate it if you let me know.