Israel military power is one of the strongest in the world today. Since its inception, it has won a majority of the conflicts in which it fought.

Israeli troops are among the most well-drilled soldiers and their efficiency is unmatched in the Middle East. In this article, discover the wars fought by Israel soldiers and the secret behind their victories.

Why Is Israel So Powerful? The Strength of Israel’s Military

The reason for Israel military strength is due to several factors, some of which include its military policies, weapons, organization and constant support from the US. Israel also spends a lot on upgrading the training of its soldiers and their weapons. These and other factors make Israel the strongest country in the Middle East.

Israel’s Invincible Air Defense Systems Make It Powerful

Israel boasts of the most advanced weapons in the history of defense. Its missile defense system is very efficient and responsible for intercepting missile strikes. A key part of the system is the Iron Dome, which was built by the Israelites in 2011 and has intercepted about 90 percent of the rockets fired at Israeli settlements.

The Iron Dome remains unrivaled in the Middle East. No country has the technology to replicate it. Better still, no country in the Middle East has been able to overwhelm it so far. Though Israel is surrounded by its enemies, they are safe, thanks to the Iron Dome.

Their Missile Defense System is also equipped with Arrow Missiles that can impede enemy rockets as high up as the stratosphere. The MIM-104 Patriot and David’s Sling missiles can intercept all kinds of enemy aircraft and rockets.

These missiles ensure that the air space of Israel is well-protected against foreign invasions. The Missile Defense System is part of the larger Israeli Air Force, which is the backbone of Israel’s might as we’ll soon discover.

Israel’s Military Power

Israel has fewer troops (about 170,000) compared to some of the other Middle Eastern countries. However, they make up for this with their huge military firepower. Israel possesses some of the most powerful armored tanks in the world. The Merkava Mark IV has an electronically operated turret with a thermal cover that prevents bending, which gives the tank unparalleled accuracy.

The tanks are protected by the Trophy Active Protection System, which detects anti-tank missiles and shoots them before they hit the tanks. The Merkava IV also fires high-penetrating and heavier missiles. This gives Israel an advantage over its enemies on an open battlefield.

Israel’s Air Force

A key contributor to Israel military capability is its air force. Israel’s air force has over 580 different aircraft dedicated to attacking enemies and defending its territories. The air force also has the world’s second-largest collection of the famous F-16 fighting falcon and its variants. Modern records indicate that there are now over 360 F-16s in active service.

The closest country in the Middle East when it comes to the number of F-16s is Turkey, which has 245. The F-16I Storm has the most up-to-date systems that help the military hit targets over long distances.

Another fast and efficient fighter jet with greater air superiority jet is the F-15. The F-15 can get to speeds of over 3,000km/h and is armed with various advanced air-to-air missiles.

There are over 120 helicopters, 15 transport planes, and a host of unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) in Israel’s arsenal, along with about 10 air-to-air refuelers and over 23 special mission airplanes.

The main air combat force of the Israelis includes 30 F-35 stealth fighters that can enter enemy territory undetected. The F-35s can also fire at enemies who are about 160 kilometers away.

Israel’s Nuclear Missiles

Israel has never admitted to having nuclear weapons, but many people believe they possess some. This makes the information on Israel’s nuclear program somewhat sketchy.

Israel has about 90 nuclear warheads that can be launched by missiles. Its missile delivery systems are the most advanced in the Middle East, and its Jericho range of missiles is known to travel great distances and hit its targets with precision.

The military of Israel also has Dolphin-class submarines that are capable of launching nuclear missiles from the sea.

Israel’s Defense Budget Also Contributes to Its Military Power

The amount of money allocated to the army each year is the main reason for the great Israeli army strength. In 2020, the country spent about $22 billion on its military. This figure represented 12 percent of the total budget and was used to acquire or build new technology, train soldiers and maintain existing facilities.

America’s Backing of Israel Is the Reason It Is Powerful

Since its founding, Israel has always enjoyed American backing. The US continues to give aid to the Israeli military in terms of weapon sales and economic aid. Records show that in 2020, the US has sold weapons worth $3.2 billion to Israel. This is in stark contrast to the $19 million aid Palestine received from the US.

This is because Palestinian aid comes with a lot of conditions. The Palestinians have flouted most of these conditions and that has resulted in the reduction of their aid.

Also, in 2014, the US signed an agreement with Israel to help it become the best military in the sub-region. The agreement, known as US-Israel Strategic Partnership, means Israel gets to use advanced US weapons instead of its neighbors.

The US discusses security with the Israelis to ensure the Israelis are always at a military advantage. The benefit the US derives from this partnership is that its interests in the Middle East are protected by Israel. This strategic partnership was beneficial during the Cold War era, and the US has given about $58 billion to the Israelis in the form of aid since 2001.

Increased Military Aid

Since the 2001 al Qaeda attack on US soil, America has increased the military aid given to Israel. The idea is part of the US strategy to fight terrorism in the Middle East before it reaches US soil and is why the US gave 55 percent of its foreign military financing budget to Israel. All this help has given an edge to the Israelis over their Middle-Eastern neighbors.

Israel’s Military Policies

The military policies of Israel also contribute significantly to its strength. The most popular one is the mandatory national military service for everyone above 18 years of age. This policy ensures that Israel has its citizens ready for war at any time and anywhere. However, a few people are exempted based on religious, physical and psychological considerations.

National Military Service

Generally, each man serves two years and eight months while the women serve two years. Some specific roles in the military require special training, thus the years can be extended. Soldiers who prefer to stay after the mandatory period become permanent by signing a contract, while the others who do not wish to continue serving are drafted into the reserve.

Israel’s military doctrine also encourages its soldiers to not lose any war. This is fully ingrained in their discipline and training. As part of the doctrine, Israelis must resolve to exhaust all political means to avoid armed conflict, and all Israeli troops are constantly taught patriotism and sacrifice to keep their homeland safe.

During their military indoctrination, they are taught that by losing wars, they put their friends and relatives in grave danger. According to Israeli military policy, nothing short of victory is acceptable. Thus, Israelis soldiers are trained to give their all in defense of their homeland. That is why Israel has won most of its wars against its neighbors.

Israel’s Education

The Israelis place a lot of emphasis on education, and they have the third most educated population in the world. To put this in perspective, in 2017, Israel had more educated citizens between the ages of 25 and 64 than the US and South Korea.

It has an educated population of over 97 percent with over 98 percent being males and over 95 percent being females.

One reason is to produce more intellectuals who would contribute to both the economic and military growth of the country. Although Palestine has 96.5 percent of its populace literate, it faces many challenges including adolescent boys dropping out of school. Israel’s emphasis on education is why it is so technologically advanced compared to most of its neighbors.


So far, we’ve gone over the contributing factors to Israel’s power in the Middle East.

Here is a recap of what we have discussed so far:

  • Israel has one of the strongest militaries in the world.
  • Though its military is not the biggest, it has the most technologically advanced military hardware across the globe.
  • Israel spends a lot on its military by allocating a sizeable part of its budget to it.
  • Though it won’t admit to a nuclear program, Israel is suspected to have high-power nuclear weapons.
  • The heavy backing of the US is also responsible for Israel’s power.
  • Israel’s military policies ensure that its populace is ready for war at any given time.
  • It trains its soldiers to be patriotic and not give an inch of ground to the enemy.
  • Israel invests a lot in educating its citizens to contribute to the economic and military growth of the country.

Israel’s power is the reason the country has known relative peace, for, without it, the Arabs would overrun them. Israel, with the support of the US, continues to maintain its power.


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