Timeless Myths is a free site. And I would like keep it free for people to visit and enjoy learning about the mythology derived from ancient and medieval literature.

Next year will be its 10th anniversary, when Timeless Myths begun in April 2 1999, as a very small site. Over the years, it has grown to a massive site, because I have continually and incrementally added new articles.

There are costs, however, to keep domain name, or buying new books to continue research and adding new myths to Timeless Myths or other sites that I have built.

I have exhausted whatever materials that I could find in local bookstores and public libraries. Many of the books are not available in Australia, except thorough search from electronic store, like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Borders, or more specialist internet book stores, like Albris. And it is the books that are the most expensive cost.

You can support Timeless Myths through small contribution through donation.

Your contribution will keep Timeless Myths running and give me little fund so that I can keep adding new myths and stories, and possibly adding new site, similar to Timeless Myths, but from other ancient cultures.

Any small donation will be help Timeless Myths.

Thank you.

“Sing O Muse,
Sing to us of the glorious gods,
who ruled the land and sea.
And tell us
Of the fair beauty of the goddesses
who dwell in Eternal Olympus.

“Sing to us, O Muse:
Of Ages that has come to pass,
Of those mighty warriors
wielding their deadly spears,
From the lores
Of our Timeless Myths.”


Donation Used (Books Bought)

Michael A. E. Newth
Heroes of the French Epic:
A Selection of Chanson de Geste

Boydell Press, 2005


Thorkild Jacobsen
The Harps that Once…: Sumerian Poetry in Translation
Yale University Press, 1987

Simon B. Parker
Ugaritic Narrative Poetry
Society of Biblical Literature, 1997

Ludovico Ariosto,
Orlando Furioso
translated by Guido Waldman
Oxford World’s Classics, 1983 (ed.)