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Book of heroes

The Book of Heroes is the collection of creative writings that was written for Timeless Myths since April 2 1999.

Creative writings, such as the openings of Timeless Myths (eg Song of Timeless Myths), and of the subdivisions, eg. Classical Mythology, Norse Mythology, etc, which you can read several poems. You will now find all these verses in the Heroic Poetry.

I’ve also included the song I have written, which was done outside of Timeless Myths, and some graphics that I have done for both within and without Timeless Myths.

Book of Heroes

So, in another word, the Book of Heroes is another section of Timeless Myths that showcases both writings and graphics that I have done inside and outside of Timeless Myths.

I’ll include more creative writings (and graphics) in the Book of Heroes in the future.