The Hero’s Journey – 1st Path: Logos

The Hero’s Journey – 1st Path: Logos

1st Path: Logos

Timeless Myths has treaded a long and perilous path.

Since that time the logo of Timeless Myths had undergone several evolutions. Though, Timeless Myths begun in April 9 1999, there was no logo for the tiny website, until June.

Here, we will take a look at what my logo looked like, starting from the beginning.

Timeless Myths - June 1999

This was the original logo for Timeless Myths. It was very simple to make, because I’ve used only one effect on the entire logo: image and text gradually appeared. The bottom text is meant to be a reflection of the top text.


Timeless Myths - September 1999

The 2nd incarnation of Timeless Myths’ logo. He we have two different effects on the texts. The top text had a “backlight” effect, while bottom text has the rippling effect of the water (actually the effect is called “flag” effect). The only other changes I had made, was to make the sword and text smaller than the original.


Timeless Myths - November 2001

This is the 3rd incarnation of my logo, created in 2001. It is basically the same logo as the previous logo. The two texts (top and bottom), still has the same special effects (backlight and flag), except that I have changed the sword. The blade and hilt is different than the two previous logos. The pommel of the sword also cycles through 3 different colours: red, green and blue.


Timeless Myths - April 2003

The 4th and possibly final incarnation of my logo was created in 2003. There were only two main changes. The blade is slightly different than the one in 2001. And I’ve also slow down the speed of the effects.