Book of Heroes

The Hero’s Journey – 4th Path: On the cover of Book of Heroes

4th Path: On the cover of Book of Heroes

Here is the evolution of the Book of Heroes’ logos, where you can see the changes the logo had undergone.

The webpages on Book of Heroes had begun October 11 2002, but there were no logo for this page. It simply had a red heading. There were no logos, until May 2003.

Book of Heroes

This was the original design of Book of Heroes’ logo.

The Book of Heroes pages were actually first created in October 11 2002, without a logo; it simply had a heading – called “Book of Heroes”.


Book of Heroes

I wasn’t too happy with the 1st logo, so I replaced it shortly with this new logo. The new logo looked more like a page being turned, in a book. But this logo had lasted even less time than the 1st logo, for there would be another change.


World of the Storyteller

A new page, called World of the Storyteller, was meant to be a brand new website, which began its life in August 16 2003. The site was designed to include Book of Heroes inside the World of the Storyteller.


Book of Heroes

In January 19, 2006, I had completely redesigned the looks and interface of the World of the Storyteller, but had renamed it back to Book of Heroes. I had actually created this new logo in November 2005 before I put the name change. World of the Storyteller was meant to a separate site to Timeless Myths, but I had re-integrated Book of Heroes with Timeless Myths.

It was simply an image of brown book with the title Book of Heroes on its cover. It is a simple design, but I still wasn’t happy with it. It was too large.


Book of Heroes

This is the current logo that you can see at Book of Heroes. As I said, I wasn’t happy with the past logo, so in February, redesigned the logo.

There’s still that brown book in the logo, but I had shrunk it. There is now a sword image in this logo; it’s different sword to the longsword you’d see on Timeless Myths logo. It’s a gladius, to be more precise; a Roman short thrusting sword.