Heroic Poetry – Hymn to Pallas Athena

Heroic Poetry – Hymn to Pallas Athena

Hymn to Pallas Athena

from the Book of Timeless Hymns

“You are my shadow,
Who has comforts me
With your heavenly presence.
Your melodious voice
Banishes my fear
Whenever I am in grave peril.”You are my light,
Who guides my wandering.
Your tracks have never fail
To lead me home.
Your hands has steer
My ship to safety
From stormy sea.”You are my strength
In time of trouble.
You had answered my prayer
By strengthening my tired limbs
And my flagging courage.
Your steady hand
Had guided my blows that had
Put dismay in my enemy’s souls.

“You are my wisdom,
Who had brought me
To ecstasy and enlightenment.
Your flashing eyes
Had pierced darkness and chaos
To reveal long-forgotten truth.”

Hymn to Pallas Athena,
created in October 6 2002.