Heroic Poetry – Doom of Odin

Heroic Poetry – Doom of Odin

Doom of Odin

from Prophecy of the Sibyl

“I find no comfort in the shade
Under the branch of the Great Ash.
I remember the mist
of our ancient past.
As I speak to you in the present,
My ancient eyes
see the terrible future.”Do you not see what I see?
Do you not hear
death approaching?”The mournful cry of Giallr-horn
shall shatter the peace
And shake the foundation of heaven.”Raise up your banner
And gather your noble company
from your great hall,
Father of the Slains.
For you shall go to your destiny.

“No knowledge can save you,
And no magic will save you.
For you will end up in Fenrir’s belly,
While heaven and earth will burn
in Surt’s unholy fire.”

Doom of Odin,
created in March 4 2000.