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Related Sites

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Mythology & Legends
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Mythology & Legend


Translated Texts

The following links come from sites that provided translated texts from literature of myths and legends.

If you are looking for translations in books, then check out my Bibliography page.



Medieval Sourcebook & Ancient History Sourcebook

Both sourcebooks contained heap of translations in electronic text format, which is invaluable to scholars. They are both part of Online Reference Book for Medieval Studies (ORB), created by Paul Halsall. I highly recommend these websites.

The Online Medieval and Classical Library (OMACL)

The Online Medieval and Classical Library (OMACL) contains lot of translations on ancient and medieval literature, in electronic text format. I have a few of these materials as my sources. You will find classical works from Hesiod and Apollonius of Rhodes, but the majority of the texts below to medieval writers, such as Snorri Sturluson and Chretien de Troyes. You will also find a copy of Volsunga Saga, Nibelungenlied and many others. A real GEM!!!

Folklore and Mythology Electronic Texts

This is a excellent site, where you can get translation of the original sources and links to where you can find those texts. Great place, if you can’t find the translation in the bookshop.

Perseus Digital Library

This contained by far the greatest number of collection of Greek and Roman literature. They also have collection of secondary sources. The subject of these e-Texts are not just mythological, but there is also works on history, religion (including the Bible), geography, politics and philosophy. The only problem with this site is organisation; I don’t like the place was organised, but it is still a very useful site to find texts.

The Theoi Project: Guide to Greek Mythology

I highly recommend this beautifully designed site. It not only has a lot of references and resources on Greek and Roman mythology, but there is a large number of translations found in the Library section. For those looking for literature, then the Library would be the first place to visit. It is better organised than the larger Perseus Digital Library. I wished I had found this site earlier.

The Internet Classics Archive

The Internet Classics Archive only included classical Greek and Roman works.

Northvegr: The Northern Way

There are many texts here on Norse literature, which included the Edda and various sagas. Some of the texts are written in Old Norse and Old English (Anglo-Saxon).

In Parentheses

This contained translation of Old French texts. There are some literature on Arthur and Charlemagne. Note that the texts are in .PDF format.

Celtic Literature Collective

This page was originally called “Ty Feirdd: The Hall of Bards”. Celtic Literature Collective is part of the website of A.K.A. Mary Jones.

Essential texts of Celtic and Arthurian legends. Here is where I found all of the translations of the Welsh literature, such as the elusive Vita Merlini, the Book of Taliesin and the Black Book of Carmarthen. There are also some Irish and French literatures. I highly recommend this site, especially if you are a researcher.

The Corpus of Electronic Texts

The Corpus of Electronic Texts was where I got the translated copy of the Táin Bó Cúalnge. Most of the other texts were written in Irish Gaelic.

Literature and Verse

The Literature and Verse contained several texts from the Celtic myths/literature. I do recommended it.

Celtic Twilight

The Celtic Twilight is a wonderful website have a number of articles and translation of Welsh and Arthurian literature. This is where I got a lot of the obscure Welsh poems. I highly recommend this website.

CyberSamurai: Norse Mythology

It has translated texts on Poetic Edda and Snorri Sturluson’s Prose Edda. There is also A-to-Z reference or glossary on Norse names and Norse subjects.

Lost Trails

The Lost Trails is a educational website involved in the Herodotus Project. Herodotus Project included a translation of Herodotus’ History, which can be found in the Herodotus’ Inquiries link. There are photos of geographical places which Herodotus wrote about, including pictures of ancient ruins and artworks.


You should also check the Bibliography: Classical, Norse, Celtic and Arthurian. There maybe a few links that I forgot to place in the list above that can be found in the bibliography.


Resources on Mythology

The following links are websites dedicated to myths and legends, where it provide resources and information, or retelling myths. They are recommended sites.



Bulfinch’s Mythology, ‘The Age of Fable or Stories of Gods and Heroes’

This is a retelling of classical and Norse myths (not a translation), coming from the famous book of the same name, but shown here in electronic format. I have not read it, but most people would recommend it.

Of Gods and Men: The A to Z of Mythology and Legend

Great references to mythology and legends of all cultures: European, Asian, Middle-East, etc.

Greek Mythology: Helen Roberts’ Masterpiece

A very good resource site on Greek Mythology, created by Helen Roberts.

Encyclopedia Mythica: Home

Another references to mythology and legends of all cultures: European, Asian, Middle-East, Mayan, Azetec, Polynesian, etc. It has great search engine, though, at time it can be really slow sometimes.

The Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Mythology

Links to resources on ancient mythology, including Asian and Native American mythology.

A Journal of a Poet – The Goddess As My Muse

The website contained information on the goddesses and women in myths and legends. There are also a number of well-written, inspiring poems.

Celtic Whispers

Celtic Whispers is site devoted to Celtic lore, myth and magic.

Mythic Stories

This site contained links to various translated texts, and information on myths and medieval games. The general themes is of medieval literature like the Arthurian legend, but also have links to Norse and Irish myths. Mythic Stories is compiled by Frédéric-Alexandre Decelles.

Irish Mythology by Alan Lambe

Alan Lambe shares his love for mythology from Ireland on this site, which showcases his photographs of the natural beauty of Irish landscapes. Photography is another passion of Alan Lambe. See also Alan Lambe’s Photography.

The Norse Mythology Web Page

This is a good site for those looking for Norse mythology.

About Ancient/Classical History: Norse Mythology

N. S. Gill from the Guide, provide some brief summary of Norse Mythology. Provide links to other sites. At the moment, it’s about Norse Gods.

A site devoted to the Norse goddess, Freyja – Goddess of Love, Beauty, and War. The site has info, stories and illustrations.

Sommerland – On Dragon

A resource site devoted to the dragonkind in art and literature, in folklore and mythology.

Phoenix’s Flight

A sight devoted to the phoenix, providing information of the mythical birds from difficult culture, and a gallery of phoenix images.


Classical Teapots by Kendall LeCompte

Griechishe Mythologie

A site on Greek mythology of the astronomical constellations. This site is done in German.

This site provides useful information on Norse mythology.

Grail Legend

The Grail Legend or is actually a portal to Intenet resources on all matters in regarding to the Grail, from medieval romances to today’s Da Vinci’ Code.

Bard Mythologies

Explore Irish myths, and how its relevancy to the modern world in workshop. It would also ask you to participate in discussion in a forum on the subjects found in the workshop.

Mythical Creatures List

MythBeasts is an encyclopedia on mythical creatures, from every cultures, from ancient to modern times.

Each Uisge: a diary of Scottish water horse

This wonderfully designed page, is about the Scottish folklore of Each Uisge, and has useful excerpts in regarding to folklore of the water horses.

The Phoenixian Book of Creatures

A useful site on all manner of mythical creature. The site says it all: “An illustrated encyclopedia of beasts and beings mythical, legendary, imaginary, and monstrous.” from

Best of All Topics

The site in which you can comment on her articles. These articles include topics, like myths, folklore, the bible and the paranormals. – investigate old urban myths, legends & tales

This site has the same name as my site, but it is quite different in styles and contents. Here, you will find explanations to myths, urban legend, old wives tales and superstitions, both new and old.

Skynet Technologies: Internet Website Directory

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Medieval Times (USA People Search )

Links to resources, to all subjects pertaining to medieval history and legends.


Resources in Other Languages


Impius Aeneas

Accanto alla tradizione omerico-virgiliana, però, un’altra nutrita serie di testimonianze ci rappresenta Enea ed Antenore come traditori della patria: ce ne parlano tra gli altri Dionigi d’Alicarnasso, Pausania, Eliano, Livio, Orazio, Tertulliano, Seneca, Servio e forse lo stesso Virgilio. Attraverso due autori oggi pochissimo noti, ma molto letti ed imitati nel Medio Evo, “Darete frigio” e “Ditti cretese” (si tratta ovviamente di pseudonimi) che dicevano di essere stati testimoni del conflitto troiano, la tradizione dell’Impius Aeneas passò nel Roman de Troie di Benoit de Sainte Maure e nella Historia Troiana di Guido delle Colonne per giungere, con il tramite di Brunetto Latini, a Dante e alla Commedia. Per questo argomento e per i testi originali clicca su

Apart from the Homeric and Vergilian tradition, many attestations present Aeneas and Antenor as traitors of Troy: in this list, among the others, there are Dionysius Halicarnassensis, Pausanias, Helian, Livy, Horace, Seneca, Tertullian, Servius and maybe Vergil himself. Through “Dares the Phrygian” and “Dictys the Cretan ” (pen names obviously), two authors who are today almost unknown, but were very famous and emulated in the Middle Age and state they took part to the Troyan war, the tradition of the IMPIUS AENEAS got on to Roman de Troie by Benoit de Sainte-Maure and Troyan History by Guido delle Colonne and finally, through Brunetto Latini, to Dante Alighieri and his Comedy.

For all this and for original texts click on


Arts in Mythology & Legend



This section of Mythmedia is called Mythology in Western Art. It contained scanned images of some art works on classical mythology.

The Trojan War Myth in Ancient Art

Do I really need to explain to you what this all website is about?

Celtic Art DesignsA New Collection of Celtic Art Designs

A gallery full of Celtic styles artwork, with intricate colors and designs of Celtic knots, spirals and patterns.

Arthurian Legend

A site devoted to the work of Sir Thomas Malory, on Le Morte d’Arthur. Patrick Taylor designs the site and provides summaries of various lengths, as well as to showcase the 1948 engravings, by the artist Francoise Taylor, his mother.

Kallikrates Elpis

A fun, but educational comic on characters of Greek myths.



Newsgroup are one of the methods of getting help for assignment and researches. Here you post your questions to the world. There are lot of people, who are on-line, willing to help you with questions.

You will probably need to subscribe to these newsgroup with your ISP or other web servers (such as the universities, schools or libraries). If you are already enrolled in your university or college, you probably already have access to the newsgroups. Listed above are the common newsgroup relating to mythology and legend.



alt.mythology Newsgroup on mythology and folklores. Questions about the Bible such as Flood and Jesus are common questions, though I think questions about the Bible should be asked elsewhere (look at the bottom of the list).
alt.legend.king-arthur Newsgroup on King Arthur, Knights of the Round Table and the Grail.
alt.mythology.mythic-animals Newsgroup on creatures found in mythology and legend.
alt.legend.atlantis Newsgroup on the legend of Atlantis.
alt.history.ancient-worlds Newsgroup on ancient history of the world.
alt.history.ancient-egypt Newsgroup on the history of ancient Egypt. Newsgroup on the bible. Newsgroup on the prophecies from the bible.
alt.religion.christian.biblestudy Newsgroup on the study of the bible.




Unrelated Sites


Arts & Music



UNITED. An album featuring 8 Australian songwriters, with songs written in various different styles (R&B, rock, rap, blues, etc). I have written one of the songs for the album, so please let me know what you think of it.

James Hollands & NMG Crew

The official website of James Hollands and the New Millennium Gospel crew. Featuring the single Red, Yellow, Black, White.

The Ink Witch - Magical Art by Sabrina

The official website of artist, Sabrina, using old style pen and ink for portrait drawings.

Otherworld Fantasies

This website has a Celtic themes, and it includes poetry, fiction, short stories and artwork of fantasy and science fiction.

Celtic Music Guide: Medieval and Renaissance Instruments

This webpage provides resources on musical instruments of Celtic origin. Instruments covering the periods, beginning with Medieval period to the Renassiance. These periods preceded the first of the Classical Music: the Baroque music.


Books & Creative Writing


Odin´s Gift – The Web of Words

Creative writing and poetry of Michaela and other poets, whose subject is that of pagan Norse and Asatru.

Website of Alex Leithes, author of the novel Mananan MacLir and a number of short stories.

Chimeras Land

Poems on mythology, written by Pino Blasone. It was originally written in Italian.

Fantasy Boeken

Written in Dutch, Fantasy Boeken provides a list of favorite fantasy books from the best-sellers, as well as another list for the younger readers. An avid fan of fantasy and mythology, Fantasy Boeken will only grow.


Religion, Paganism, Witchcraft & Magic


Dark Mirrors of Heaven

A new site that I have created, concerning some of the same events of the Biblical Genesis (chapters 1-11), but they are based from other ancient perspectives and other Jewish-Christian sources, such as the Apocrypha, Pseudepigrapha, rabbinic or Talmudic legends from the Haggada, and from the Gnostic texts of the Nag Hammadi.


Our website is an online informational portal about angels. Here we explore a wide variety of different aspects of these heavenly beings, such as their place in the angelic hierarchy, their origins, as well as their religious role.

Religious Forums

This is a religious forums that I often visit to discuss religious and mythological matter. You will find me under the nickname, gnostic.


…to promote a multidisciplinary view of the religious, spiritual and esoteric phenomena.

Ceisiwr Serith

Ly de Angeles

Home page of Ly de Angeles, on the matter of legends and witchcraft. Ly is also a poetess and author of several books.

Tuatha de Brighid – A Druid Clan

For those interested in the religious community of Druids. Anyone wishes to join?

Witchcraft Magic Spells that work

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Love Spells

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Witch Love Spells

Love spells that get results. Kofi casts the most powerful love spells available to mankind.


Films, TV shows


A new film on the hero Beowulf that will premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival in September 14 2005. The film is called Beowulf and Grendel, and it is directed by Sturla Gunnarsson and starring Gerard Butler as Beowulf.


Country and Travel Resources


France Resources

France related news, books and regional resources.


IT Design and Web Design Businesses


Icy Designs

A Sydney’s business involved in digital design, web design and software development.



Here are some worthy links. If you have website totally unrelated to mythology, and you want to place your links here, then drop me a line at



Free2Code is where you can find tutorials and get help in creating website, using HTML, PHP, Perl and just about any other web programming languages. You can get more help if you join their forum.

Free2HostThey are also offered website hosting at Free2Host. (Timeless Myths is currently hosted at Free2Host.)

You will find me under the name storyteller in the Free2Code’s forums.


A kung fu website devoted to the Southern Praying Mantis style.

The Legend of Smiley Land

Perhaps, it’s a bit slow, if you don’t have broadband. Nevertheless, it’s a fun place to be.



Below I have included unrelated Newsgroups for those people are interested in books or roleplaying games. Newsgroup of Tolkien, the author of the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit.
rec.sf.written.robert-jordan Mostly for fans of Robert Jordan’s series on the Wheel of Time. For fans of books from David Eddings on the series of Belgariad and The Mallorans, and the Sparhawk series.
alt.books.raymond-feist For fan of Raymond E. Feist, writer of Riftwar Sagas, the Empire trilogy, SerpentWar Sagas and the Krondor series.
alt.books.david-gemmell For fan of series from the British fantasy writer, David Gemmell. For fans of books and roleplaying games of the world of DragonLance.