Below are books and websites of my bibliography and the suggested readings for people. Most of these are list of (translated) literature, such as scriptures of both canonical and non-canonical texts. I have given some websites as well as list of books, where translations can be found.


Since I’ve used other texts to use in comparing with the Book of Genesis, I would required to use the Bible as one of my sources. There are number of different English translations of the Bible.

The most widely used is the King James Version.

King James’ Version

Good News Bible
Today’s English Version

United Bible Societies
4th (British) Edition, 1976

Tanakh: A New Translation of the Holy Scriptures
According to the Traditional Hebrew Text

The Jewish Publication Society, 1985

Being a Jewish text, this of course doesn’t have the New Testament.


Some of the Bibles are available on-line, so below is the link to various translations:

From the website Sacred Texts:

Jewish Literature

Here are some of the rabbinic texts used to interpret laws and narratives of the Hebrew Scripture. The most important text here (for this site) is the Haggada. I have listed other texts, eg Talmud, Midrash, etc., but I had barely used these texts in my research; they are listed for your suggested readings.

The Haggada is the text where I found most of my information about Lilith and Enoch.

All of these texts/translations came from the website – Sacred Texts in the section of Texts of Judaism.

Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha

The Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha of the Old Testament
R.H. Charles
Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1913 (2 vols)

These 2 volumes used to be in my local public library, but they are now gone. Which is why I have included various websites that has Charles’ translation.

A number of the texts found in this book can be found in various websites:

Sacred Texts (has the Apocrypha, and the Book of Jubilee, books of Enoch (1 & 2) from the Pseudepigrapha).

Wesley Center Online has the most extensive collection of R.H. Charles’ translations in the Non-canonical section. Here are the links to various texts that I have used.


Another site is Pseudepigrapha, Apocrypha and Sacred Writings:


For the New Testament Apocrypha, I have to rely on the translation of M. R. James.

The Apocryphal New Testament
M.R. James
Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1924

These translation can be found in the Gnostic Society Library: Christian Apocrypha and Early Christian Literature. And the following texts I had used can be found in the following links.

Dead Sea Scrolls

The Complete Dead Sea Scrolls In English
translated by Geza Vernes
Penguin Classics, 2004 (rev.).
I have just got this copy very recently. It was originally published in 1962, but had been revised a number of time over the years, and included many texts that were not published in the 1st edition. So I would highly recommended for anyone who do biblical study or research.

On-Line Texts Related to Biblical Study
All my sources originally came from the above website.

All my sources for the translation of the Dead Sea Scrolls had originally comes from the website mentioned above.

These sources (individual works from DSS) are the following: –

Gnostic Texts

The Nag Hammadi Library
James M. Robinson
HarperCollins, 1990

Gnostic Scriptures: A New Translation with Annotations
Bentley Layton
Doubleday, 1987

The best site to visit, to hunt for Gnostic texts, is the Gnosis Archive or Gnostic Society Library, under Nag Hammadi Library. Some of these are the same translations found in Robinson’s book. Below are the list of texts that I have used in my research:

Outside of the Nag Hammadi Library is the following Gnostic texts, from the Gnostic Society Library: Gnostic Scriptures and Fragments, that I had used, can be found in the following links: