Achilles look likeWhat did Achilles look like?

This is a question that is asked many times just because of the popularity Achilles has gained with the narration of the Iliad.

The Iliad by Homer is a poem that describes Greek mythology and its heroes.

Read ahead to find out everything about Achilles and most importantly his looks and fashion in the ancient streets of Greece.

What Did Achilles Look Like?

Achilles had many physical and mental characteristics that made him one of the most handsome and competent soldiers of the Greek army. In the Iliad, Homer describes Achilles as a man with the beauty and strength of a god and the humbleness of a man. In short, he was a perfect combination of god and human-like features.

Physically Achilles is described to have had the shiniest blond hair. He had a deep masculine voice and a very manly gait. He wore bright-colored clothes and had many army medals, all at the age of 15. Surely he was very popular among the men and women.

His green eyes were very famous in all of Greece because somehow the green gave shades of gold and the eyes used to shine bright. After he was made immortal by Thetis, his beauty was increased as the worldly weaknesses left his body. When Achilles had died, people not only mourned the loss of a great soldier but also the loss of the most handsome man that they had ever seen.

– Achilles Heel

Achilles was born a mortal due to the decree of Zeus. Achilles’ mother, Theis, was an immortal and wanted his son to be like her so they can live together forever. Thetis sought out a way to make Achilles immortal. She dipped him in the River Styx while holding him from his heel.

Achilles statueAchilles and his whole body became immortal while his heel remained mortal. Many people believed that the reason that Achilles was so mesmerizing and attractive was because of his immortality through the River Styx. This could be true on the level that first Achilles was a son of a sea nymph who use their alluring looks all the time and secondly the river gave him immortality which delayed his natural aging process.

Nevertheless, Achilles was the most beautiful and handsome man of his time. He was not only famous among women but also among men. Other than the women and men of Greece, his looks and facial features were famous in the nearby kingdoms too. All in all, Achilles was quite famous for his looks.


– What Color Was Achilles’ Eyes?

Achilles’ eyes were of green color that gave hints of gold to them. His eyes were famous in all of Greece for being so different yet so beautiful. Achilles was therefore deemed the most handsome and the most beautiful man in Greece and rightfully so.

– Who Was Achilles?

Achilles was described as the most handsome man of Greece in his time. He was the son of Thetis, daughter of the sea god Nereus, and Peleus, the king of the Myrmidons. So no doubt that Achilles had extraterrestrial and royal descent at the same time. Achilles surely lived up to his name and died tragically in the Trojan war.

What we know about Achilles is through the famous poem written by Homer, the Iliad. The poem describes one of the most important events in Greek mythology, the Trojan war. The war started from the mere interference of the Gods with human life and led to a chaotic end. The remains of the war were many dead bodies and some great heroes.

One of those heroes was Achilles. Achilles, who was deemed the most beautiful and handsome man of Greece back then, was only 15 years old when Achilles die in the war. His death came very dramatically and was surely a tragedy.

– What Race Was Achilles?

Achilles has no specific race as he was the son of Thetis, daughter of the sea god Nereus and Peleus, the king of Myrmidons. So he was a demi-god. But unlike most demi-gods, he was not born immortal but made one later on by his mother, Thetis.

– What Color Hair Does Achilles Have?

Achilles had the shiniest reddish-blond hair. He had long strands of hair covering his face that made him look majestic. His features were so immaculate because of his god-like and royal descent.


What did achilles look likeAchilles was one of the heroes of the infamous war of Greek mythology. The Iliad by Homer describes the event for the very first time in the history of the world. Achilles is one of the heroes that struck the readers most and became very famous.

Here we conclude some of the important facts from the article:

  • Achilles was deemed the most beautiful man of Greece in his time. This was due to many of his physical features which can be attributed to his god-like and royal descent as his mother was Thetis, the daughter of the sea god, Nereus, and his father was Peleus, the king of the Myrmidons.
  • Achilles had the shiniest reddish-blond hair that would cover his face. He had green eyes that gave hints of gold to them. He had a deep, masculine voice and a manly gait. He was the perfect Demi-god that ever existed.
  • Because of his mortal heel, he died in the Trojan Greek war. He was shot by Paris in Troy on his heel which led to his demise.

The death of Achilles was very tragic and sad for the Greeks. His memory lives on and will continue to do so because of his immaculate features and bravery. This was everything you needed to know about Achilles and his looks in Ancient Greece.