Facts & Figures: Faithful Companions

Facts and Figures

Facts & Figures: Faithful Companions


The following list shows the faithful animals of gods or mortals, such as horses and dogs that are found in the popular myths and legends.

Please note this is not a list of monsters and giants.

There are some animals listed here, that doesn’t belong to anyone; however, they belonged to place called Yggdrasill, a Cosmic World Tree. These animals include an eagle, squirrel and 4 harts.


Companion Animal Type Owners Myth Origin
Alsvid horse Sol Norse
Arvak horse Sol Norse
Benig horse (white) Monk Ilsan German
Blodughofi horse Freyr Norse
Dain hart at Yggdrasill Norse
Duneyr hart at Yggdrasill Norse
Durathror hart at Yggdrasill Norse
Dvalin hart at Yggdrasill Norse
Falka (Blanka) horse (bay) Dietrich (Thiðrek) German
Falhofnir horse ridden by an Aesir deity Norse
Freki wolf Odin Norse
Gardrofa horse mare that bore Hofvarpnir Norse
Geri wolf Odin Norse
Gisl horse ridden by an Aesir deity Norse
Glad horse ridden by an Aesir deity Norse
Glær (Glassy) horse ridden by an Aesir deity Norse
Goti horse Gunnar Norse
Gram dog Hrolf Norse
Grani horse Sigurd Norse
Grey Schomming horse Witga Germanic
Gullfaxi horse Hrungnir, Magni Norse
Gullinbursti wild boar Freyr Norse
Gulltopp horse Heimdall Norse
Gyllir horse ridden by an Aesir deity Norse
Habrok hawk Norse
Hamskerpir horse stallion that sires Hofvarpnir Norse
Heidrun goat at Valhalla Norse
Hialmther horse Hod Norse
Hildesvini (Ottar) wild boar Freyja Norse
Himinhriot ox Hymir Norse
Hofvarpnir horse Gna Norse
Holkvir horse Hogni Norse
Hrafn horse Ali, Adils Norse
Hrimfaxi horse Nott (Night) Norse
Huginn raven Odin Norse
Lettfeti horse ridden by an Aesir deity Norse
Melnir horse Norse
Modnir horse Dvalin (dwarf) Norse
Muininn raven Odin Norse
Mylnir horse Norse
Ratatosk squirrel at Yggdrasill Norse
Rispa horse (stallion) Heimir German
Sæhrimnir wild-boar at Valhalla Norse
Salgofnir cock at Valhalla Norse
Silfrintopp horse ridden by an Aesir deity Norse
Sinir horse ridden by an Aesir deity Norse
Skeidbrimir horse ridden by an Aesir deity Norse
Skemming horse Velent (Volund or Wayland) Norwegian/German
Skinfaxi horse Day Norse
Sleipnir horse Odin Norse
Slidrugtanni boar Freyr Norse
Slungnir horse Adils Norse
Sporvitnir horse Norse
Svadilfari horse Hrimthurs (giant) Norse
Svipud horse Norse
Tanngniost goat Thor Norse
Tanngrisnir goat Thor Norse
Vedrfolnir hawk at Yggdrasill Norse
Vigblær horse Helgi Norse
Vingskornir horse Norse


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