Genealogy: House of Halfdan-Hrolf

Genealogy: House of Halfdan-Hrolf

Dynasty of Halfdan

The dynasty of Halfdan-Helgi-Hrolf belonged to the line of the Skjoldungs. The Skjoldungs are known in the Beowulf epic as the Scyldings. The Skjoldungs were descendants of Skiold (Scyld Scefing), the founder of the dynasty of Denmark. In the Hrolfs saga Kraka, Skiold is not mentioned at all.

Halfdan, king of Denmark Frodi, king of Denmark Hroar Helgi, king of Denmark Olof, queen of Saxland Elf woman Yrsa Helgi, king of Denmark Hrolf Kraki, king of Denmark Adils, king of Sweden Hvit, queen of Norway Hring, king of Norway Bjorn Bera Elk-Frodi Thorir Hound's Foot, king of Gautland Bodvar Bjarki

Note that Helgi, father of Hrolf Kraki, had raped and impregnated Olof, the Queen of Saxland, who gave birth to Yrsa. Not knowing that Yrsa was his daughter, Helgi married Yrsa, and they became parents of Hrolf. This is why Helgi appeared twice in

Through, Bodvar’s marriage to Hrolf’s daughter (Drifa), I have included Bodvar’s family tree in Halfdan-Hrolf’s genealogy. Bodvar come from the Norwegian royal family. Bodvar ruled only a short time in Norwegian kingdom, before abdicated, so he could become Hrolf Kraki’s champion. See Bjorn and his Sons.

According to the Snorri in the Ynglinga, Adils was a son of Ottar, and descendants of the Vanir god Frey, who was known as Yngvi, so he is offered called Yngvi-Frey.

Family Tree of Svip

Below is the family tree of the Swedish farmer, named Svip. His sons, Svipdag, Beygard and Hvitserk became Hrolf Kraki’s champions. See Svipdag.

Svip, the Swedish farmer Svipdag Beygard Hvitserk the Bold

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