Genealogy: Kudrun


Genealogy: Kudrun


Siegebart (king of Ireland) Hagen (king of Ireland) Hilde the Elder Hilde the Younger Hetel (king of Denmark) Ortwin (brother of Kudrun) Kudrun Herwig (king of Zealand) Hartmut (suitor of Kudrun) Gerlint (mother of Hartmut) Ludwig (king of Normandy)

The genealogy above come from a Middle High German poem, written in the 13th century, titled Gudrun Lied or Kudrun. The poem is named after the heroine Kudrun or Gudrun, but not to be confused with the heroine of the Icelandic sagas (Gudrun in Volsunga Saga and the Eddas).

You will find the tale in a page called…. Kudrun. Of course!

Kudrun was the daughter of Hetel, king of Denmark, and Hilde daughter of Hagen of Ireland. Her father’s family were known as the Hegelings.

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