Genealogy: The Nibelungs


Genealogy: The Nibelungs

The Nibelungs

Below is the family tree of the Nibelungs. The names were gained from the 12th century Middle High German epic, known as the Nibelungenlied. It also contain a small tree of the Amelungs, the family of Dietrich.


Siegmund (King of the Netherlands) Sieglind (Hjordis) Siegfried (Sigurd) Kriemhild (Gudrun) Hagen (Hogni) King Gunther of Burgundy (Gunnar) The Valkyrie Brunhild (Brynhild) Gernot (Gernoz) Giselher (Gislher) Etzel, King of the Huns (Attila, Atli) Dietrich of Verona (Thidrek) Hildebrand (Hildibrand) Wolfhart (nephew of Hildebrand) Dancwart (Marshal of Burgundy) Rudiger, Margrave of Pochlarn (Rodingeir) Hadubrand (Alibrand)

The family tree above may have confused some people, when I have listed both the House of Netherlands and House of Burgundy as the “Nibelungs”. They are, but they are not the original Nibelungs.

The name “Nibelung” didn’t belonged to either house. I have created a new family tree (below), which showed the family of Lord Nibelung from Nibelungland. Lord Nibelung had two sons who became kings of Nibelungland, Schilbung and Nibelung. According to Hagen in the Nibelungenlied (Chapter 3), Siegfried took over the kingdom and became lord of the Nibelungs, after he defeated and killed the two kings. Siegfried inherited the Nibelung treasure.

However, when most people talk about the Nibelungs, they think of the Burgundian family, Gunther and his brothers. Hagen and Gunther took the Nibelung treasure after Siegfried was murdered. The Burgundians weren’t called Nibelungs until Chapter 25, after the brothers departed Worms to visit their sister Kriemhild and her husband Estel

I have created another family tree that showed the true Nibelungs.

Lord Nibelung (founder of Nibelungland) Schilbung (king of Nibelungland) Nibelung (king of Nibelungland)

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