Facts & Figures: Enchanted Objects

Facts and Figures

Facts & Figures: Enchanted Objects


Objects Owners Description
Gungnir Odin The spear or lance of Odin. Gungnir (“swaying one”) was made by the sons of Ivaldi (4 dwarfs).
Draupner Odin Draupner or “The Dipper” was Odin’s Ring of Power was created by the dwarf brothers, Brokk and Eiti. Basically the ring could created nine other gold rings; each new ring was of the same size and weight of the original ring.
Mjollnir Thor The warhammer made by the dwarf brothers, Brokk and Eiti, for Thor, the god of thunder. It was Mjollnir that cause the lightning and thunder.
Grídarvöl Grid, Thor A powerful, magical staff that Thor possessed. It was often just called Grid’s pole. The giantess Grid gave him this Grídarvöl, along with her own set of belt of power (Megingjarpar) and iron gloves (Járngreipr).
Járngreipr Grid, Thor. The iron gauntlets of Thor. With the gloves, not only can Thor throw the hammer (Mjollnir) at his enemies, but the Mjollnir will always returned back to him in his hand. The Járngreipr allowed him to catch the glowing-hot iron, which Geirrod threw it at Thor. Thor caught the iron in his gauntlet without injurying his hand, and threw back at Geirrod. Although, Geirrod hid behind an iron pillar, it didn’t protect the giant, for the hot iron passed through the pillar and was lodged into Geirrod’s body, killing him instantly.
Megingjord or Megingjarpar Grid, Thor The Megingjord, or Megingjarpar, was also known as the “Girdle of Might”, which made Thor even stronger than he was. Thor also possessed a pair of magic iron gloves, which allowed him to wield the Mjollnir. These magical items were given to him by the friendly giantess, Grid.
Sword of Freyr Freyr, Skirnir The magic sword of Freyr. Freyr gave the sword to his servant Skirnir, who helped him wooed Gerd.
Skidbladnir Freyr The collapsible ship of Freyr, made by the dwarfs, known as the sons of Ivaldi.
feather cloak Freyja, Frigg The feather cloak of Freyja, which allowed her to transform into a falcon, so she could fly where she wish. In some legends, the goddess Frigg was said to be the owner of this cloak. Loki had borrowed this cloak in the Eddaic Thrymskvida.
Brísingamen Freyja The beautiful gold necklace of Freyja. The Brísingamen were made by four dwarfs, known as the Brisings. The Brisings refused to give the necklace to Freyja, unless she had slept with each dwarf. Odin was disgusted with Freyja’s wanton behaviour and ordered Loki to steal the Brísingamen, but Heimdall recovered the necklace for Freyja. In Beowulf, the dwarves were called Brosings.
Gjallahorn Heimdall The horn that would signal the coming of Ragnarok, belonged to Heimdall, the god that guard the gates to Asgard.
Eldhrimnir Andhrimnir (at Valhalla) The pot in Valhalla, that was used to cook the wild boar Sæhrimnir for the slain warriors. Andhrimnir is the cook at Valhalla.
Odrerir Fialar and Galar, Suttung A pot filled with the Mead of Poetry, and kept in the cave of Suttung in Hnitbiorg.
Bodn Fialar and Galar, Suttung A vat filled with the Mead of Poetry, and kept in the cave of Suttung in Hnitbiorg.
Son Fialar and Galar, Suttung A vat filled with the Mead of Poetry, and kept in the cave of Suttung in Hnitbiorg.
Gleipnir The Aesir gods A magic silk ribbon was the only thing that can bind the wolf Fenrir. It was made of “noise of a cat, beard of woman, breath of a fish and spittle of a bird“. Fenrir will only break the ribbon, when the gods faced Ragnarok.
Aegishjalmarr Odin, Fafnir, Sigurd, Thidrek The helm belonging to Odin, which was Aegishjalmarr or “Helm of Awe”. Later Sigurd would also possessed the Aegishjalmarr, and it was sometimes known as the “helm of Fafnir”, because it was part of the treasure of the dragon Fafnir, but I am not certain if it is the same helmet of Odin. It may have been the combination of wearing the ring and Aegishjalmarr that transformed Fafnir into a dragon.
Gram Sigmund, Sigurd, Hildebrand This sword, at first, belonged to Sigmund, and it had no name. Odin shattered his sword in Sigmund’s last battle. The sword of Sigmund was reforged for his son, the hero Sigurd. According to the Thidrekssaga, Hildebrand (Hildebrand) received Gram, after the fall of the Niflungs. After killing the dragon Fafnir, Gram also became known as “Fafnir’s Bane”.
Ridill and Hrotti (Rotti) Fafnir, Sigurd Ridill and Hrotti (Rotti) were magical swords that was part of the treasure of Fafnir, which Sigurd would possess.
Refil Regin In a version of the Nibelungen legend, the sword of Regin.
Balmung Siegfried, Hagen The sword that the German hero Siegfried had won in the battle against the Nibelungs (not the Burgundians). Hagen had killed Siegfried and stolen the Balmung. In the end of the Nibelungenlied, Kriemhild used the Balmung to behead Hagen, for killing her first husband (Siegfried).
Shield of Nuodung Nuodung, Rudiger, Hagen The shield belonged to Nuodung, which Rudiger of Pocharn would later give to Hagen, as a guest-gift.
Dainsleif Hogni In the tale of Hjadningavig – the Battle of the Hjadnings – Dainsleif is a sword belonging to a Danish king named Hogni that must kill or taste blood when unsheathe before it can be re-sheathed again. The sword was forged by a dwarf, possibly named Dain, since the sword’s name means “Dain’s heirloom”. This is part of the story of Freyja’s Brisingamen in the text known as the Sorla Thatter.
Gram Gislher In the Thiðrek Saga, Roðingeir gives the sword to Gislher, his new son-in-law. Gislher was the brother of Grimhild, Gunnar and Hogni. Gislher used the sword to kill Roðingeir.
Naglhring Grim, Thiðrek, Heimir In the Thiðrekssaga, the dwarf Alfrek stole the sword Naglhring from Grim, husband of Hild, and gave the sword to the boy Thiðrek. The sword was made by the dwarf Alfrek. Thiðrek later gave Naglhring to his companion Heimir, when he won another sword (Ekkisax) from Ekka.
Ekkisax Ekka, Thiðrek The sword that Thiðrek had taken after killing Ekka. The Ekkisax was another sword made by the dwarf Alfrek. In the Thiðrekssaga, the sword of Thiðrek, which he used to defeat Hagen.
Hildigrim Thiðrek, Hildebrand In the Thiðrekssaga, the Hildigrim was the helmet of Thiðrek. According to the Thidrekssaga, Thidrek gave this helmet to Hildibrand (Hildebrand).
Lagulf Hildebrand In the Thiðrekssaga, the sword of Hildebrand, which he used to mortally wounded Gernoz (Gernot) and kill Giselher.
Blodgang Heimir In the Thiðrekssaga, the sword of Heimir. In the duel against the boy Thiðrek, Heimir broke the sword over the Hildigrim, the helmet of Thiðrek. Without a weapon, Heimir surrendered to Thiðrek, and they became long-life friends.
Gullinn-hjalti Hrolf, Hjalti (Hoff) The sword of King Hrolf Kraki. Gullinn-hjalti means “Golden Hilt”.
Skofnung Hrolf Another sword of King Hrolf Kraki. Hrolf use the Skofnung to cut at his step-father’s buttocks (Adils’).
Finnsleif Adils The mail coat of King Adils of Sweden. When Hrolf’s berserkers asked for the Finnsleif as payment for helping Adils in the war against King Ali of Norway, Adils refused to pay.
Hildigolt Adils The helmet of King Adils of Sweden. When Hrolf’s berserkers asked for the Hildigolt as payment for helping Adils in the war against King Ali of Norway, Adils refused to pay.
Hildisvin Ali, Adils The helmet belonged King Adils of Norway, but when he was killed in battle against King Adils of Sweden, with the assistance of Hrolf’s berserkers.
ring of Helgi Helgi, Hroar, Agnar In the Hrolfs saga Kraka, there’s a ring belonging to Helgi, king of Denmark, but he gave the ring to his brother, Hroar, king of Northumbria. Their nephew, Hrok wanted the ring, but when he couldn’t get the ring from his uncle he threw the ring into the sea. Agnar, Hroar’s son dived into the water, and heroically recovered the ring.
Sviagris Adils The most precious treasure of King Adils of Sweden – the gold ring, known as Sviagris.
Tarnkappe Alberich, Siegfried The Tarnkappe was also known as the “Cloak of Darkness” or “Cloak of Invisibility”, had first belonged to the dwarf and treasurer, Alberich. Siegfried won the Tarnkappe from Alberich, and used it several times against Brunhild.
Mimung Wayland, Witga The sword that Wayland had forge for himself. Witga, wielded the sword after his father, Wayland.
Nægling, Naegling Beowulf The sword Beowulf used to slay the dragon.
Hrunting Unferth, Beowulf Beowulf borrowed the sword of Unferth (thane of King Hrothgar), to fight Grendel’s mother. It is described as sword was of iron blade with twig-like patterns. The hilt had serpent patterns.
rati Odin (Bolverk) An auger that Odin used to bore hole through a mountain to gain entry to the Mead of Poetry.
Saeg Bil and Hiuki Tub of Bil and Hiuki, filled with the water from the spring Byrgir. They used the carrying-pole, Simul, to carry the Saeg.


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