Valhalla (Norse Heroes and Heroines)

Valhalla (Vikings) Explained

Valhalla was a great hall belonging to Odin, in Asgard, where heroes who had fallen in battle or some great adventure, wait for coming of the Ragnarök. Only those who had shown great courage and skill in battles or adventures were ever chosen; these fallen warriors were known as the Einherjar.

For more information about Valhalla read Asgard in Norse Creation.



Valhalla is a section in Timeless Myths that give description of Norse and German characters. Valhalla is divided into “Norse Heroes” and “Minor Norse Characters”. Not all the characters are heroes or heroines, but are those who had play some roles in Norse sagas and romances.

Also listed in the “Minor Characters” section are the dwarfs (dwarves).

I have also included some Germanic characters in a separate page. Most of these German characters come from the epic Nibelungenlied (see Norse Sagas).




The Valkyries
Stephen Sindring
Marble, 1900


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