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April 2010

04/04/10 Joyous Easter, everyone. If you don’t believe or celebrate Easter, then simply Happy Holidaying.

I know that I didn’t add anything new last year. I’m sorry; I’ve been busy. Hopefully, this year, I will add new materials to Timeless Myths. Anyway, I have added new page(s), and some new articles, and updates, today.

Added a new page: The Two Helgi. They included 2 new articles: Helgi Hiorvardsson and Helgi Hundingsbani (Helgi Sigmundarson).

Separated the Cycle of Ring into 2 pages: The Cycle of Ring’s menu page and the Background on the Ring Cycle page.

Added article on Helgi Hiorvardsson in Norse Heroes 1.

Updated article on Helgi Hundingsbani in Heroes 1.

Added article on Svava in Valkyries page.

Updated article on Sigrun in Valkyries page.


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