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In Celtic myths, the Celts tend to divide their people by clans and by social classes. Even in history, according to classical Roman writers, the Celts were divided into several distinctions.

High among the social class were the nobles, such as kings and chiefs. They belonged to warrior societies. The warriors were followers of the aristocrats. Other groups or classes were the druids and the bards. The druids and bards were men of learning and were held in high regard.



Here in Timeless Myths, the Warrior Society provided a description of Celtic characters. These characters may be heroes and heroines, or rulers, druids or bards. The Celtic deities can be found in the Otherworld.

Note that any ruler — whether they are a king or queen, ruler of a province or entire Ireland — these characters can be found under High Kings.

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The Dream of Ossian

The Dream of Ossian
Oil on Canvas, 1813
Musée Ingres, Montauban


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The page on Tuatha Dé Danann has been placed both here (Warrior Society) and in the page called “Otherworld“. The Dananns were regarded as one of the races who settled in Ireland, as well as the gods and goddeses of Ireland.