Sumerian anunnaki bibleAnunnaki Bible is a collection of ancient Sumerian cuneiform tablets. Among many other things, this compilation contains the ancient sources of magic, long life, and ultimate success in life. Many writers have come up with their own versions of the Anunnaki bible but generally, all of them convey the same secrets and messages.

In this article, you will read about the Anunnaki Bible and the secrets that lie within.

Anunnaki Bible

The Anunnaki are therefore very famous ancient Mesopotamian gods and goddesses. The group of these seven gods is still worshipped in some remote areas of the world. To better understand the Anunnaki and the compilation of their teachings, let us start from the beginning of the Mesopotamian culture and religion.

Each religion has some sort of holy book which was descended upon them or any of the prophets brought it to them. The Anunnaki Bible was not decreed by some supreme deity or sent down from the heavens above. Rather the Anunnaki Bible was compiled by men and contains the teachings and the guidance of the Anunnaki gods.

A Bible is a form of instruction that encircles authoritatively around a sphere. Throughout the time of humans on the Earth, they have lived their lives according to some testament or scriptures. The Christians have the Bible, Muslims have the Quran, the Hindus have a variety of books and the Jews have the Hebrew Bible. Likewise, the Anunnaki Bible is a compilation of instructions that the Sumerians, Akkadians, Babylonians, and basically the ancient Mesopotamians lived their lives by.

– The Mesopotamia Civilization

The ancient civilization of Mesopotamia is one of the most famous civilizations to date. They gave humanity the basis of living and are also credited for inventing some of the most useful objects. The Mesopotamians were not one type of people but a collection of various tribes and ruling parties that ruled at different stages of time.

These include the Sumerians, the Babylonians, the Akkadians, and the Assyrians. Each of these sects added to the popularity of Mesopotamia as a whole. The way that the ancient Monarchy worked was, that the king was the ruler of his land but there were multiple kings all around the place. So whichever king could get the most army, food sources and weapons could take over the other kingdoms.

In this way, different sects found their way to the top and consequently to the bottom of the hierarchy table. Many ancient texts, tablets, and scriptures address the fight over power in ancient Mesopotamia. There were also instances where one society would completely destroy the other, leaving no sign of them on Earth. Among all these wars and fights for the throne, the two things the Mesopotamians were famous for are innovation and their religious beliefs.

– The Mesopotamians and Their Religious Beliefs

As Mesopotamians were highly religious, they believed in many deities. The Mesopotamian religion however cannot be described as a single concrete form of religion because each Mesopotamian town had its own gods, goddesses, and worshipping ways. However, the most common gods in the whole civilization were An and Ki. An was the Sumerian god of the Sky and Ki was his consort and the goddess of Earth.

The Mesopotamians prayed to these gods as their religious duty. In addition to that, they celebrated them wholeheartedly and sacrificed their beloved animals and belongings in the way of these gods. They believed that these gods would bless them with goods and grant their wishes. Therefore the Mesopotamians spared no expense when they erected the worshipping houses for their gods and goddesses.

The total number of gods of the Mesopotamian civilization is countless. However, some of the major deities can be grouped broadly, the Anunnaki are such a group of seven gods and goddesses. These gods and goddesses have unique abilities and decree the faith of humans.

– The Anunnaki Gods

Anunnaki, Annunaki, Ananki, and Annuna are all names of the same groups of ancient deities of the Mesopotamian people. The Mesopotamian people include the Sumerians, Akkadians, Babylonians, and the Assyrians. The Anunnaki include the gods and goddesses that descended from the god An and goddess Ki. The prime function of the Anunnaki was to mandate the fates of the humans.

There were five major gods in the Anunnaki besides An and Ki. The other five gods were Enlil, Enki, Nanna, Utu and Inanna who are known to be the descendants of An and Ki, the prime gods.

Inanna in anunnaki bibleFollowing are their characteristic powers:

  • Enlil: The God of Air
  • Enki: The God of Water
  • Nanna: The God of Moon
  • Utu: The God of Sun
  • Inanna: The Goddess of Love, War, Fertility and Procreation

These gods held the highest ranks in the worshipping hierarchy in the Mesopotamian kingdom. The Gods decreed the faith of the Mesopotamians. The people believed that the more they prayed and worshipped the gods, the more they would be nice to them.

– Contents of the Anunnaki Bible

The Anunnaki Bible is a collection of the most ancient writings on this planet. It explores the ways of ancient magic, religion and secrets to living a long and happy life. The book articulates the map to living to the fullest and making peace within yourself. It aims to heal the reader and gives the soul the food that it was yearning for.

Other than spirituality, the book covers the basics of life and how it started. It is very interesting to know the origins of the planet and humans. The book also describes the world order which shows all of the spiritual and physical control of humanity.

So the Anunnaki Bible is the most primitive form of the Bible that we read today. The Bible has stories and events that unfold and give valuable lessons to the readers but that is not the case for the Anunnaki Bible. The Anunnaki Bible has no stories but only guidance and words of wisdom for the people.

Anunnaki in the Epic of Gilgamesh

The word Anunnaki generally means “those of royal blood”. There are many different ancient texts that reference and attempt to explain the Anunnaki and their life. Epic of Gilgamesh is one such story. It uses the Anunnaki god, Enkil and narrates his adventures with Gilgamesh, the king of Uruk.

Gilgamesh and Enkil become good friends and go on different journeys of life together. The Epic of Gilgamesh is thought to have been written by the Akkadians when they came into power. The text of the Epic is written in a very poetic manner and is surely one of its kind.

The kingdom of Uruk was under great distress because of Gilgamesh. He oppressed the people and was a tyrant ruler. Enkil came to Uruk, challenged Gilgamesh and lost to him. They eventually became friends and set out to kill Humbaba, the guardian of the Cedar tree.

Anunnaki and the Christian Bible

The Anunnaki Bible is a compilation of Esoteric archaeology. The texts in it are very primitive and are from the most ancient civilization of Mesopotamia. Much later than the Mesopotamians, came the age of Christ. So clearly the texts of the Anunnaki Bible came before the texts of the Christian Bible.

The Christian Bible however does not mention the Anunnaki in any way. The language of the Mesopotamians was quite isolated and any similarity to the language of any other civilization is quite impossible. So the words like Anakim and Anak in the Christian Bible do not refer to the Anunnaki but to a race of giants. Some historians might suggest that the Anakim and Anak were the descendants of the original Anunnaki but that is very questionable.

The Christian Bible talks about the fallen angels many times. These are the angels that fell from grace because of their disobedience or pride. Some historians compare these fallen angels to the Anunnaki gods. The comparison also sheds light on the magical abilities of the Gods to control and manipulate the elements of the Earth.

The Present Writers of the Anunnaki Bible

The Anunnaki Bible is a compilation of ancient scriptures and texts. Many historians and archaeologists collected and articulated the ancient writings. They all attempted to interpret the writings. This is the reason why many different copies of the Anunnaki Bible are present and in many different languages as well.

The most modern version of the Anunnaki Bible is also very famous because it sheds new light on the Mardukite Zuism. Zuism is a modern-day enactment of the pagan societies of Mesopotamia. This Bible is therefore a very sacred book for many societies and fraternities.

Some of the writers were given special permission to visit the Mesopotamian Museum so they can read and see the actual ancient texts and scriptures found at various archaeological sites. The texts are also open for the public to see but the public cannot get as close to the enclosures that they could read the texts.

The Present Readers of the Anunnaki Bible

The Anunnaki Bible is very famous nowadays among nonfiction and fiction readers. One of the major reasons behind its popularity is its origin. The Mesopotamian origin of the Anunnaki Bible attracts a lot of readers and rightfully so. People like to read ancient texts because it gives a sense of growth and change of time from what it was and to what it has become.

The other reason that the Anunnaki Bible is so famous is the way that the origin stories of the world and the human race are explained in it. Even though each religion has its own version of the start, the Anunnaki Bible explains it in a very interesting way. Other than the beginning of time, the Bible also gives valuable insights into the ultimate demise of the world we live in.

The Anunnaki Bible is not a holy book that descended from the above but is a compilation of sacred texts from the Mesopotamian times. This gives the writers some flexibility in writing without ruining the real essence of the original text. The writers have therefore added different explanatory passages that add to the overall reading and understanding experience.


– Is Sumer in the Bible?

The Sumer is mentioned only once in the Bible, in Genesis 10:10. Genesis talks about the Land of Shinar, the people thought that this land is most likely the land surrounding the Babylon of ancient Mesopotamia. Later a very famous Assyriologist, Jules Oppert confirmed that the Land of Shinar in the Bible is actually a reference to a region south of Mesopotamia known as Sumer.

– What is the Necronomicon Bible?

The Necronomicon Bible is another name for the Anunnaki Bible. The real reason for coining the term Necronomicon or its literal meaning is still unknown. The Necronomicon Bible is a special edition of the Anunnaki Bible. The Necronomicon Bible is also called the Book of the Dead, the name first surfaced in the 80s and contains a very primitive compilation of the ancient sacred texts from the Mesopotamian civilization.

– Is the Bible Based on Sumerian Texts?

The Anunnaki Bible is based on Sumerian text whereas the Christian Bible is not. The Anunnaki Bible is the compilation of ancient texts written in the Sumerian civilization which can also be regarded as the Mesopotamian civilization broadly. The Christian Bible is regarding the religion of Jesus Christ so it is not based on the ancient Sumerian texts.

– Who Are the Anunnaki in the Bible?

The Anunnaki are the seven ancient Mesopotamian gods and goddesses. The seven gods are An, Ki, Enlil, Enki, Nanna, Utu, and Inanna. These gods have different powers and abilities. The Anunnaki Bible is a compilation of their decrees regarding humans on this Earth.

– What Is the Meaning of ‘Anunnaki’ in the Bible?

Anunnaki means the descendants of the god, An, or the ones with royal blood. The word Anunnaki is derived from the name An, the ancient Mesopotamian god of the sky. Anunnaki, Anuna, Anunna, and Anaki are all names for the Anunnaki, a group of 7 Mesopotamian gods.


Anunnaki bibleThe Anunnaki Bible is a compilation of the teachings and guidance of the Anunnaki gods of ancient Mesopotamia. The Bible articulates the ways of ancient magic, the key to prosperity and long life, and finally the reality behind the beginning of time. Many writers and historians have come up with versions of the Anunnaki Bible.

Here are the most important points that you need to remember about the Anunnaki Bible:

  • The Anunnaki are a group of seven ancient Mesopotamian gods and goddesses, namely An, Ki, Enlil, Enki, Nanna, Utu and Inanna. An and Ki are the major gods and the other five are their descendants. Each god has a specific power over an element of the Earth.
  • The Mesopotamian societies include the Sumerians, the Babylonians, the Assyrians and the Akkadians. The Anunnaki were the prime gods of these societies that came in power one by one.
  • The Anunnaki gods had the ability to decide the faith of the people and decree the outcome of their lives. This is why the Mesopotamians prayed and worshipped the Anunnaki. Magnificent palaces and worship places were erected to honor the Anunnaki.
  • The Anunnaki Bible was compiled after the Christian Bible but the texts included in it came way before the time of Jesus Christ. The texts in the Anunnaki Bible are ancient Sumerian in nature and need special interpretation for understanding.
  • The Anunnaki Bible contains sacred Sumerian texts about the beginning and end of time. It also contains guidance on living life peacefully and also mindfully. The Bible aims to serve as a basic handbook of life on Earth.

The Anunnaki Bible is therefore a very sacred compilation for its readers. The complete Anunnaki Bible can be ordered online or should be present in your nearest bookstore. Here was everything there is to know about the Anunnaki and the Bible that was compiled on the basis of the ancient Sumerian texts.