Owls in mythologyOwls in Norse Mythology play an important role.

Owls are regarded as sacred birds that guide travelers in the right direction.

In this article, we bring you all the information regarding the owls in Norse mythology.

Owls in Norse Mythology

The owls are known to be nocturnal birds. Being nocturnal means that as soon as the sun sets down, the owls become more active and awake. There exist many different species of this bird but almost all of them are nocturnal. Owls in mythology are very well known in different areas of the world and play important parts in the mythologies.

One of the most famous mythologies in the world in Norse mythology. This mythology has a special place for owls in it and regards the bird by very high standards. Owls play a very important role in Norse mythology as it was their most sacred bird.

Let us read about owls in Norse mythology and all that it has to offer regarding the beautiful nocturnal birds and owls.

– Symbolism

The owl symbolizes great wisdom in Norse mythology. The Katyogel, the Norse god name for the owl, can be translated into the goddess of wisdom. Odin had a pet owl with him at all times and regarded him with the utmost respect. In many places, the sign of Odin is also an owl. This shows the importance of the owl in Norse mythology and how respected the nocturnal bird was.

Some of the other properties associated with the owls are their kindness and helpfulness. The owls are also known to be the source of unthinkable magic and knowledge. They live in dark places and have access to such information and everything that goes on in the dark. The owls can therefore see very clearly at the night.

The owls are also famously tied to the spiritual symbolism of the afterlife and death. The concept of death may be scary and feel like the end of existence. But the owls portray the idea of death as new beginnings. This way of evolving perspective is certainly new and can only be through someone so wise and all-knowing.

– The Guides to the Underworld

Owls are most prominently known as the guides to the underworld. The interesting thing here is that the Underworld here does not mean the physical underworld but the underlying world within us. It helps and guides us to look inside our being and find the darkness. We can get rid of the evil inside us and become wise in this life.

As we know that the owls are nocturnal, they have an enhanced ability in the darkness. They can see and hear clearly in the darkness and places that are pitch black. This is symbolic because of how the owls help us by looking inside us and consequently making us better human beings.

– Owl Sightings

Owl sightingsAccording to Norse mythology, if anyone saw an owl in the daytime, it meant that the person was moving towards enlightenment, as the owl symbolizes wisdom. The person sighting the owl in broad daylight was on the correct path.

Likewise, before a battle, if the warriors saw the bird, it was thought of as a good omen.

The power of the owl would help them perform well in the war and most probably also help them win. The owl sighting would also give them enhanced vision at night which would help them in winning the battle.


– What is Odin’s Sacred Animal?

Odin’s sacred animal was a bird. Odin always kept a bird with him. He thought that the owls bring wisdom and prosperity to their owner. For this reason, many things related to Odin can be seen to have some visual association with the owl birds.

– What Goddess is Associated With Owls?

The goddess of wisdom is associated with owls in Norse mythology. Norse mythology incorporates a lot of animals in its stories and narrations. Some of the animals and birds are owls, wolves, lions, pelicans, and bears. Like in other mythologies, Norse mythology does not combine human and animal forms.

– What Animals Were Sacred to the Vikings?

Ravens are the sacred birds to the Vikings. The ravens are most famously associated with the Vikings and can be found on their belongings. The owls are also known to be very sacred to the Vikings. The owls a7nd the Vikings represent wisdom with strength, the optimal use of power.

– What Is Norse Mythology?

Norse mythology is a combination of Scandinavian legends and pagan rituals until the emergence of Christianity in the area. The mythology contains fierce deities, heroes, and many interesting stories. The Norse mythology can be attributed to the North Germanic people who stemmed the mythology from Germanic folklore. Much evidence of Norse mythology has been found in the form of folk traditions, medieval manuscripts, and archaeological representations.

The Norse world enumerates the existence of nine worlds that form a sacred tree, Yggdrasil. Whatever is left of the mythology, narrates the struggles and fights of the people, with god-like abilities, against monsters and tyrants. Some of the main characters of the mythology include Odin, Thor, Loki, Freyja, Heimdallr, Baldr, and Jotunn.

The mythology promises the same event of Ragnarok in which the fight among gods would bring the worlds to flames and everything would parish. Thereafter the world will be reborn and the humans will start living from a clean slate. The mythology has become very famous among the media of today and its remnants can be seen broadly in some of the most famous movie franchises.


Owls in norse mythologyOwls are sacred in Norse mythology. These nocturnal birds possess many different powers and abilities.

Here are the most important points about the owls in the Norse mythology:

  • Norse mythology is a combination of Scandinavian legends and pagan rituals until the emergence of Christianity in the area. The mythology contains fierce deities, heroes, and many interesting stories.
  • The Katyogel, the Norse name for the owl, can be translated into the goddess of wisdom. The owl imparts wisdom to its owner.
  • The Norse god, Odin, had an owl with him at all times. The owl was Odin’s sacred animal.
  • The owls also are the source of unimaginable power according to Norse mythology.
  • The owls help in seeking out the darkness within one’s self. It can help in cleansing your aura and becoming a better person altogether.

The owls are surely amazing creatures. Their importance in Norse mythology can be understood from Odin and his love for his owl. Here was everything there is to know about the owls in Norse mythology. We hope that it was an informative and pleasant read for you.